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1993 Mercedes-Benz 500 GE 6.0 V8 'AMG'


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  • Rare edition of already limited G-Wagen; one of 446 made for 1993-only model and thought to be one of just 13 officially converted by AMG
  • The first G-Wagen model to feature a V-8 engine
  • Delivered new to Japan
  • Huge list of options including air-conditioning, cruise control, and heated seats

No doubt realising the same need for a rugged "go-anywhere" off-road model—akin to Jeep, Land Rover or Toyota—Mercedes-Benz commissioned its Geländewagen (all-terrain vehicle) back in 1971. The initial ‘G-Wagen’ prototype entered extensive and rough-terrain testing by 1974. Co-developed for both military and civilian customers, Mercedes-Benz aligned with engineering partners Steyr-Daimler-Puch to design and develop the W460-generation G-Wagen. Construction was originally carried out by Steyr in Graz, Austria, using handmade construction methods. The first-generation truck was available to the public from 1979, with famous customers including Pope John Paul II and the Argentine army.

The first V-8 G-Wagen—after the initial 10 allegedly assembled in Affalterbach by AMG—appeared by 1993, powered by the firm’s old two-valve M117 engine. Its replacement four-valve M119 was deemed physically too large to fit. Affalterbach had been mesmerising both Mercedes-Benz management and its customers since its founding in 1967. By the early 1990s, Mercedes-Benz wanted closer alignment with its unofficial motorsport wing, largely to better combat what BMW and its M department had achieved. Among the first projects involving AMG was—no doubt due to already converting those first V-8 G-Wagens—a special order 6.0-litre upgrade for the 500 GE.

This ultimate 500 GE received a similar 6.0-litre version of the M117 engine and was available solely as an individual customer upgrade––on top of the already impressive and expensive 500 GE. All these top-end G-Wagens were shipped in Amethyst Blue Metallic, similar to Bornite. The AMG custom transformation to the 500 GE pushed its already large price tag into supercar territory.

Delivered 3 September 1993, this G-Wagen comes with the all-important “ZB6” spec code, found within its extensive option list and build sheet. In the era of pre-merger AMG, it is notoriously tricky to track down officially converted AMG machines (rather than later lookalikes). According to a check of the options codes listed on MBWorld—the biggest online Mercedes-Benz enthusiast community—option code ZB6 translates to “500 GE (AMG)”.

As well as any AMG drivetrain and chassis upgrades, there are also the usual 500 GE refinements, common to this range-topping 4x4. These include—but aren’t limited to—a black leather interior with burl walnut trim, long-wheelbase (2,850 millimetres), Behr air-conditioning with automatic climate control, Tempomat cruise control, as well as electric and heated front seats. At the time of cataloguing, the odometer read 119,984 kilometres. This extremely well-appointed and rare G-Wagen will surely appeal to any collector of what is arguably the most significant off-road Mercedes-Benz model of all time.