The Dingman Collection | Lot 917

1946 Ford Super DeLuxe Convertible

Offered from the Dingman Collection

$82,880 USD | Sold

United States | Hampton, New Hampshire

24 June 2018

Chassis No.
Body No.
  • Offered from the Dingman Collection
  • 100-bhp flathead engine
  • Superb Jim Lowrey restoration
  • Columbia electric overdrive

Ford was the first American automaker to restart production after World War II. Shortly after VE Day, the War Production Board okayed the opening of the passenger car assembly lines, and on 3 July 1945, the first 1946 Ford made its way down. Development work had halted during the war, so the cars that emerged looked very much like the short-lived 1942 models. Visual cues were limited to trim differences, while the more significant changes took place under the skin. All Fords now used the 239-cu. in. Mercury flathead, rated at 100 bhp. The entry-level Special line of 1941–1942 was not revived, leaving just DeLuxe and Super DeLuxe cars. Station wagons and convertibles were offered only in the latter line.

This Super DeLuxe convertible coupe was purchased by the Dingman Collection in November 2004. It was then entrusted to Lowrey Auto Restoration for a thorough refurbishment. The result is breathtaking. A distinguishing feature of 1946 and early ’47 Fords is the liberal use of red accents on all chrome trim. On this car, the accents are reprised with red piping on the black canvas top, itself reflected in the dark blue paint on the body. All of these are in excellent condition, the paint possessed of deep shine and absent of any flaws. An equally poignant effect appears inside, with red accents on the dashboard plastic, and use of light wood-grain on metal surfaces, which contrasts with the medium brown color of the plastic itself. The seats, moreover, repeat the theme, with red leather bolsters and brown cloth for the cushions and backrests.

Built toward the end of the 1946 model year, the car has been dated by a piece of original glass, included in the sale, that carries an October 1946 code. It also has a number of 1947 characteristics, lacking tool wells in the trunk and equipped with a 1947-style fuel pump. It also has the optional fresh-air heater, first offered late in 1946. The tires are 6.00 × 16 Firestone Deluxe Champion whitewalls. A new bumper jack is included with the car.

The engine compartment is correctly detailed, with the engine in Mercury blue, and appropriate hardware and hoses. Features include a radio with antenna on the windshield header, an electric clock, and convenient Columbia electric overdrive, ideal for long-distance touring. The top, of course, is hydraulically operated. Like all cars in the collection, it has been meticulously maintained. With its excellent condition and overdrive axle, it is ready to tour and be enjoyed.

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