California | Lot 3081

1957 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

$125,000 - $175,000 USD

United States | Santa Monica, California

2 August 2014

Identification No.
Addendum: Please note the catalog states this car to be a 1956 in error.

Said best by Mercedes-Benz, “Whoever sees the Mercedes-Benz type 190SL for the first time gets the urge to step in and speed away.” The Mercedes Benz 190SL is today what it was when introduced in 1954 at the New York Motor Show: a less expensive, more practical, and smaller version of the illustrious 300SL. The 300SL was never intended to be a sports car for the masses, nor sell in huge numbers, but it would no doubt attract customers into showrooms. Daimler-Benz began development of the 190SL in 1952, just before the introduction of its pontoon sedans. Like the sedans, it was constructed with a welded frame-floor structure and a separate sub-frame, also equipped with fully independent suspension.

This is a high-quality restored 190SL that is powered by an overhead cam, 1,897-cc four-cylinder engine fueled by dual carburetors and married to a four-speed manual transmission that is synchronized in all forward gears. The exterior is finished elegantly in burgundy, chrome moldings, bumpers, grille and riding on whitewall tires. The luxurious interior is fitted with adjustable tan leather bucket seats, radio, roll-up windows and a heater. The instrumentation sensibly arranged and includes a tachometer and a clock.

The 190SL incorporated many advanced engineering features and was best suited for stylish open-air motoring and performance driving. Ready to give the next owner many years of thrilling road command, this is a stunningly beautiful roadster will make a great addition to any collection.

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