Lot 261

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

1959 Messerschmitt KR 200


$23,000 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Madison, Georgia




Finished in desirable Coral Red with rare accessories.


Manufacturer: Fahrzeug und Maschinenbau Regensburg

Origin: Regensburg, Germany

Production: 30,286

Motor: Fichtel & Sachs 1-cyl., 2-stroke

Displacement: 191 cc

Power: 9.5 hp

Length: 9 ft. 3 in.

Identification No. 71344

The fall of 1958 saw the last of the three major overhauls of the KR 200. The car’s interior trim needed to be more cost-effective, the exterior finishes needed to be brought up-to-date, and some of the remaining details needed attending to. First of all, the long-standing “whiskers” trim and F.M.R.-in-circles badge were altered to the new F.M.R.-in-diamonds badge with comet-tail trim strips. The headlamp rims changed from chrome to aluminum. The Plexiglas side windows now had moulded-in grips and were located by rosette-style locking screws. The interior trim received a major going-over.

Other items, like the difficult-to-manufacture wooden trim strips below the windows, were dropped. The basic interior paint was now black, regardless of trim color. The large right-side trim panel was greatly simplified with a single straight double-piping line, and the bent-wire handbrake finally got a white knob. There was a new range of eight bright single-tone paint colors, as well as five of the fashionable new metallic hues, all with a choice of four interior shades. This original car is still in the rarely seen Coral Red color, and it features the scarce accessory KR 201-style slotted hubcaps and portholes in the tail, as well as a luggage rack.