Lot 182

California 2013

2002 Lexus CS 2054


$16,500 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Burbank, California



Identification No.
  • Appeared in the movie “Minority Report” starring Tom Cruise
  • Contemporary Chevrolet drivetrain with incomplete interior
  • Fully operable
  • Some cracks have appeared in the body
Addendum: PLease note this is being sold on "BILL OF SALE" only

For his 2002 film Minority Report, which takes place in 2054, director Steven Spielberg needed some futuristic means of transport. An adaptation of a Philip K. Dick novel, Minority Report features gifted humans who can predict the future and solve crimes before they are committed. Spielberg approached Lexus for help, and the result was the 2054 concept, a crash-proof car with biometric security systems and many advanced features. The concept included fuel cell propulsion and vertical, as well as horizontal, maneuverability. The storyline indicated that the cars were built in a fully-automatic factory.

The Lexus 2054 was driven in the film by Tom Cruise, and display models appeared at several auto shows. As used in the film, the car had a small engine to provide the motion required on set. Subsequently, this example was fitted with a tubular chassis and present-day Chevrolet drivetrain, making it fully operable. The interior is not fully finished and the body has suffered some cracks. However, a complete, unused spare body is included in the sale. The car and never-used spare body are offered strictly as seen.