Lot 183

Arizona 2024

2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB


$207,200 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Phoenix, Arizona



Chassis No.
US Title
  • Extraordinarily well-specified in a striking color combination
  • Showing only 3,180 miles at the time of cataloguing
  • Numerous special touches outfitted from the factory, including bespoke-color Starlight headliner, individual rear seats, rear-compartment drink cabinets, and sheer window curtains
  • Outfitted with custom division window with folding tables and entertainment screens
  • Among the most impressive examples of its kind, and surely one of the most fully equipped

For clients for whom the Rolls-Royce Phantom was not illustrious or imposing enough, the company made available the Phantom Extended Wheelbase, also known as the Phantom Extended or, most commonly, Phantom EWB. Nearly nine inches longer than the standard model, it gave most of the additional space to the rear compartment for limousine-like legroom and comfort. As with other Rolls-Royces, the level of customization available to the original owner was nearly unlimited, with the company providing a high level of bespoke service to ensure that virtually any possible need would be met.

The Phantom EWB offered here was specified in Diamond Black with Hotspur Red and Black interior, and outfitted with a rear compartment with individual rear seats, drinks cabinets in the console, a drink chiller, reversible footrests, auxiliary climate control, audio integration for an iPod, sheer window curtains, and the fascinating Starlight headliner, with glowing LEDs mimicking the appearance of distant constellations. Bespoke touches include the Rolls-Royce emblem stitched in contrast color on all headrests, illuminated sill plates, an illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy mascot, as well as the Extended Boot option to provide additional luggage space. Remarkably the finished automobile was still not specified to the original owner’s desire, as it was subsequently outfitted with a power-operated division window in a valance with folding tables and entertainment screens, similar to that available in the contemporary Maybach 62 and 62 S—a feature which was not offered from the factory on US-specification models of this generation Phantom.

The car retains all of the aforementioned features, as well as the umbrellas concealed within the rear doors and headsets for the rear seat entertainment system. Notably, at the time of cataloguing the car had recorded just 3,180 miles. Accompanied by a copy of its window sticker, it ranks among the most impressive examples of its kind, and surely one of the most fully equipped—a Phantom EWB unlike virtually any other, and as tremendously impressive as when it was built.