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Arizona 2024

2008 Maybach 62 S


$179,200 USD | Sold

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  • A rare model in a rare spec—the ultimate Maybach
  • Long-wheelbase, AMG V-12-powered 62 S with division window
  • Numerous special features, including reclining individual rear seats
  • Unparalleled for comfort and style with rear, reclining seats, partition with dual video monitors, beverage chiller, and electro-chromatic tinting roof
  • A marvelous example of the ultimate automobile, in its ultimate specification

In 2002, Mercedes-Benz revived the fabled old name of its Classic Era competitor, Maybach, as a new ultra-luxury sedan that would compete with the upcoming Rolls-Royce. Based upon an extended and re-engineered S-Class chassis that incorporated all of the latest technology, each Maybach was individually commissioned by its owner at a studio-like facility within their local dealer. Options were limited almost entirely by the owner’s checkbook, on either the standard-wheelbase 57 or extended 62 chassis. Many believe that with the Maybach, Mercedes-Benz finally succeeded in building an automobile that equaled the famed 600 of the 1960s as unparalleled luxury transportation—and in neatly resurrecting the art of the coachbuilt car.

For the buyer seeking the ultimate specification, the Maybach eventually became available as an S model, equipped with a twin-turbocharged V-12 handcrafted by the technical artisans at Mercedes-Benz AMG. The long-wheelbase 62 S was understandably quite scarce when new and well-kept survivors remain unparalleled for their level of comfort.

The 62 S offered here is finished in black with a matching leather interior piped in white, and black piano-finished wood trim. Its interior is utterly lavish, in particular the rear compartment, which seats its passengers in individual armchairs resembling those of a private jet, each individually adjustable and reclining, and flanking a console with beverage chiller and glasses. The seats face a division window—a rare option especially on a North American-delivery 62 S—in a valance with dual video monitors, operated by remote control with feeds for radio, CD/DVD player, and television; a headset is provided for more private viewing. Passengers can monitor their speed, time, and the weather from speedometer, clock, and temperature gauges in overhead binnacles. Powered fabric blinds on both the division and rear windows, as well as an electro-chromatic tinting glass roof panel provide shade and additional seclusion.

Accompanied by the original key fob, manual, CTEK battery tender, and fitted umbrella, this 62 S has been driven 10,682 miles at the time of cataloguing and, aside from minor curb rash on the wheels, remains in excellent overall condition. It is a marvelous example of the ultimate automobile, in its ultimate specification.