Lot 178

Arizona 2021

1992 Porsche 911 Carrera RS N/GT


$200,000 - $250,000 USD | Not Sold

Scottsdale, Arizona



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  • One of 290 RS N/GT lightweight versions produced
  • In period said to be the most "race-ready" Porsche of the early 1990s
  • Complete engine rebuild by the 901 Shop
  • Same ownership for past 13 years
  • Documentation includes Porsche COA, German Fahrzeugbrief, European log book, and service records

Built specifically for the 911 Carrera Cup racing series, the Carrera RS N/GT was based on the 964 Carrera 2. Only 290 examples were constructed. The series was well-subscribed, generating large grids of mechanically identical cars all across Europe; other nations also launched their own Cup series.

The N/GTs emphasized weight reduction: Interiors were bare-bone, lacking upholstery and soundproofing. Rear seats, air-conditioning, electric windows and seats, cruise control, and power-assisted steering were all deleted. The tub was fully seam-welded and a welded-in Matter rollcage created a very stiff chassis. The package included a pair of black Recaro racing seats with Nomex fire-resistant upholstery and five-point Shroth racing harnesses. The front hoods were of aluminum, and the door glass and rear windows were thinner and lighter. There was also an external ignition kill switch and a fire suppression system.

N/GTs also had a larger fuel tank and the DME box was relocated. The chassis was lowered and fitted with uprated suspensions and Big Red Turbo brakes. The standard ABS system could be switched off by the driver as needed. 18-inch magnesium alloy wheels replaced the aluminum rims of the 964. When all was said and done, curb weight had been reduced by almost 350 pounds, but these cars could still be street-driven.

The normally aspirated 3,600-cubic-centimeter M64/03 engine enjoyed a mild power increase to about 275 brake horsepower. Porsche installed a lightened alloy flywheel and racing clutch, and power was fed through a G50/10 transaxle fitted with closer first and second gears, steel synchromesh rings, an asymmetrical limited slip differential, and a sport shifter.

Extensive documentation accompanies this RS N/GT. A Porsche Certificate of Authenticity shows the car was delivered in Grand Prix White with factory-installed racing equipment. German registration papers show the first owner to be Kersten Jodexnis of Hanover, Germany, who was issued plate number H-JX 727 on 29 December 1992. Its track career appears to have begun in 1996; an FIA Wagenpass (19477/96) records entry in almost 50 European Cup races over the 1996-1997 seasons.

In 2002, this car was offered for sale by an enthusiast in Luxembourg, and it was imported to the eastern United States where it participated in a number of PCA Club races. In 2008, the 901 Shop in Stuart, Florida, overhauled the engine, and the suspension has been rebuilt. The car is accompanied by its Porsche COA, German Fahrzeugbrief, European log book, service records, and a spare engine case. Perfect for Club racing, this N/GT represents an exciting opportunity for the Porsche racing enthusiast.