Auburn Spring | Lot 2028

1969 Triumph Bonneville



$8,250 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana

9 May 2015

Identification No.

Refinements continued for the 1969 Bonneville. As seen with this bike, and starting with engine #DU86965, the serial numbers were stamped over a series of embossed Triumph logos on the number plate at the base of the cylinder block on the left side.

More substantial internal changes for ’69 saw the cams now nitrate-hardened for improved wear. There were also new revised Hepolite pistons and new conrods. To aid in reducing vibration, weight previously removed from the flywheel in 1968 was replaced but Triumph engineers still managed to retain the 85% balance factor.

The transmission was almost completely reworked and beefed-up, with new shift mechanism, extra hardened gears, larger main-and layshafts. It also braked from an eight-inch single leading shoe front brake first seen on the ’68 model. The steel fenders were now colored matched to the tank, in this case the color appears to the factory’s version of the Burnt Orange and Silver Flame pattern.

This accurately restored 1969 Triumph Bonneville shows 2,064 miles on the clock. Oil and fuel will get that “clock” ticking again.

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