Auburn Spring | Lot 5011

1959 Volvo PV544



$12,375 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana

10 May 2014

Volvo built the PV444/544 from 1944-1966 though series production did not begin until 1947. This was Volvo’s first unit body car and the first Volvo in nearly 20 years to be equipped with a four-cylinder engine. The PV544 included many changes in the original design with production being phased in during 1958. Updates included the introduction of a curved one-piece windshield to replace the two panes of flat glass, larger taillights, and a ribbon-type speedometer. The 444's three-speed manual transmission was also supplanted by a four-speed unit in the 544.

This pale green example has green leather bucket seats, wide whitewall tires, AM radio and underdash gauges. The car is well-known for its rugged durability and despite not being common in the United States, 440,000 were produced over an 18-year production run.

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