Auburn Spring | Lot 591

1952 Crosley Fire Truck

$35,000 - $50,000 USD

United States | Auburn, Indiana

2 June 2012

Identification No.

You don't have to be seven years old to appreciate the appeal of this gorgeous Crosley "fire truck". Built in the early post-WWII years as an amusement park ride, it combines a Crosley pickup truck with a long custom-built fifth wheel "hook and ladder" trailer with benches down both sides and safety restraints shaped like fire fighters' ladders to convey kids (of all ages) . Built by Overland Amusements in Lexington, Massachusetts, they were marketed to amusement parks, tourist attractions and carnivals. This example has been carefully restored and is lavishly provided with fire equipment details including hoses, axes, bells and hose reels making it more of a piece of exotic fire equipment than the kiddie ride it was built to be. The capacity of its nearly 20-foot long trailer is something like 30 kids, exceeding the progeny of most grandpas, but more than equal to being a birthday treat of legend. Pony rides and magicians pale by comparison with a continuing series of rides in this Crosley Hook and Ladder.

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