Lot 103

Gabriel sur Mors Paris–Madrid 1903 by Larry Braun, 1987


$4,800 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida




Larry Braun
Bronze; mounted on a walnut base
Inscribed “L A Braun 1987” and numbered 16/21
Executed in 1987
Length: 26 in.

The 1903 Paris–Madrid race represented early motorsports at its most thrilling—and dangerous. Indeed, the race was halted early after multiple fatalities. Sculptor Larry Braun here immortalizes the unofficial winner, Frenchman Fernand Gabriel, and his powerful Mors racecar. Braun expertly captures the fury and dynamism of the event, as Gabriel’s torpedo-like Mors kicks up clouds of dust and roars onward. Of the 21 examples made, this is number 16.