Lot 162

Amelia Island 2022

1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Close-Coupled Sedan


$100,800 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Amelia Island, Florida



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CG 2018
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  • Offered from a private collection
  • Among the best-engineered road cars of its era
  • Very attractive, well-proportioned, and elegant coachwork
  • Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) Full Classic
Please note that this lot is titled as a 1932.

Chrysler’s CG Imperial of 1931 was renowned for its excellent, well-engineered chassis and drivetrain, which combined with a fine straight-eight engine to produce a remarkably modern driving experience for the era. Like many of its competitors, the model was offered in a range of body styles, all of them exceedingly well-proportioned and attractive. Few were more so than the close-coupled sedan, Chrysler’s name for what other automakers termed a sport sedan or club sedan. With the doors moved close together and no rear quarter windows, it was a comfortable, elegant four-passenger closed car, that looked as terrific then and it does now. Collectors favor such coachwork among the CG Imperial styles for CCCA CARavans and other touring events.

The close-coupled sedan offered here was formerly owned by the noted Imperial historian, Joe Morgan, who acquired it in the early 1990s from the large collection of Paul Beechy and his family in Winesburg, Ohio. Mr. Morgan subsequently undertook a full restoration of the well-preserved original car. In a recent conversation, he noted that the body was left on the chassis during restoration and that all of the original sheet metal was preserved. The body was refinished in its present elegant colors, and the interior expertly, beautifully upholstered, with the magnificent original woodwork preserved as well. Furthermore, every major mechanical component, including the engine, transmission, and rear end, was properly rebuilt.

Afterward, Mr. Morgan exhibited the finished Chrysler at several regional concours d’elegance and at a CCCA Grand Classic in Portland, Maine, where it was judged at 99.5 out of a perfect 100 points. Following its show career, the CG Imperial was dealt through Ed Perkins to the present owners, in whose collection it has remained largely unshown for over 20 years.

Offered today in well-preserved overall condition, in attractive colors inside and out, this close-coupled sedan would undoubtedly prove a wonderful basis for preparation and driving enjoyment on CARavans and other such touring events down the road.