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Amelia Island 2019

1988 Porsche 924 S


$21,280 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Amelia Island, Florida



Chassis No.
  • Final year of the 924
  • Showing less than 19,000 original miles
  • Traditional India Red with “Porsche” script interior
  • Exceptional quality; extremely original example

Porsche introduced the 924 in November 1975, the first production Porsche with a water-cooled front-mounted engine. The 2+2 coupe was developed as a joint project between Volkswagen and was intended as a replacement of the 914. A rear transaxle layout with a near-perfect 48/52 front-rear weight distribution allowed the car to handle exceptionally well. The model ended up being a huge sales success for Porsche, with over 150,000 examples being sold during its 11-year production run.

At first, the original 924 was panned by critics for its lackluster performance from its 2.0-liter VW engine, but Porsche engineers had improvements in the works. The year 1983 saw the introduction of the wide-body 944, which, although similar visually to the 924 (in GT guise), featured an all-new alloy 2.5-liter inline four. In 1986, Porsche fitted the 944 engine in the 924 and released it as the 924 S for the European market, then making it available in the U.S. in 1987 and 1988. The 924 S had 50 percent more power than the standard 924, giving it the performance it desperately deserved. In fact, the 924 S offered owners similar performance to the 924 Turbo, but with greatly improved reliability and at a cheaper price.

This 1988 924 S represents the final iteration of the 924 series and has more horsepower than the previous year 924 S cars, and as such, the most refined and sought after of the breed. With less than 19,000 original miles on the odometer, this completely original Porsche has had the very best of care its entire life, as evidenced by its documented service history and exceptional overall condition.

Attractively finished in India Red over black “Porsche” script interior and optioned with air conditioning, electric windows, and a Blaupunkt radio, five-speed transmission and removeable roof panel, this superb unrestored original example presents a unique opportunity to acquire one of the very best Porsche 924 S cars available.