Amelia Island | Lot 265

1991 Ferrari Testarossa



$308,000 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida

11 March 2017

Chassis No.
  • Brand new, never titled; 582 actual miles
  • Documented with its original window sticker
  • Recent full, engine-out service
  • Multiple Platinum Award winner
  • Ferrari Classiche certified

390 bhp, 4,942 cc DOHC horizontally opposed 12-cylinder engine with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection, five-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension with unequal-length wishbones, coil springs, and anti-roll bars, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Wheelbase: 100.4 in.


The 1991 Testarossa offered here is an exceptional example of Ferrari history that simply cannot be replaced.

It was originally delivered in 1991 to the Ferrari dealer Auto Torino of Great Neck, New York, where it was received by a young Italian mechanic, Michelo Franco. At the time, Franco was responsible for the car’s preparation and pre-delivery inspection (PDI) before it was placed in the dealership showroom. Unfortunately, shortly after its arrival, Auto Torino lost its dealership status. The owner, dismayed by the loss of his Ferrari relationship, had the yellow Testarossa delivered to his personal garage by Mr. Franco. That is where the car sat for approximately 24 years.

When the consignor was offered the car from the dealer’s family, an enclosed flatbed was arranged to have this special Ferrari delivered to Ferrari of Long Island in October 2014 for a complete service. The Testarossa was showing a mere 537 original miles and incredibly, to the amazement of all involved, the Ferrari was once again received by the now senior Ferrari technician, Michelo Franco, the very same mechanic who had last seen the car some 24 years earlier. Needless to say, the reunion of machine and mechanic only added to this Testarossa’s special story and historic provenance.

A complete engine-out service was performed, and any item needing attention and detail was performed by the current custodian. The service work was undertaken by Ferrari of Long Island and Michelo Franco, including replacement of the belts and gaskets, as-correct. While the engine compartment insulation had loosened over time, it was properly reinstalled. A full compression test of the engine proved satisfying in all cylinders. New hood struts were installed and the air conditioning system recharged. Receipts for this considerable service work are included on file. After completion of the service, the Testarossa was delivered to Continental Auto Sports in Chicago for Ferrari Classiche certification and was issued the venerable Red Book, which accompanies the car and confirms its original drivetrain.

The current custodian of chassis 87750 placed this car amongst some of the finest Ferraris in his private collection. The car was campaigned to several Ferrari-sanctioned events, garnering major awards at each concours it was presented. This special Testarossa won Best in Class, Preservation, and Platinum Awards at the FOC meet in Pebble Beach in August of 2015. Furthermore, 87750 was awarded Best in Preservation as well as Platinum Awards at Cavallino in January of 2015. It was awarded a Platinum Award and a near perfect score at the Ferrari SpA event in December 2016 at the Daytona International Motor Speedway and the Ferrari Mondial Concours, where it was invited to attend with a limited number of only 60 Ferraris selected by the Factory, all requiring Classiche certification. All books and tools accompany this sale, along with an original letter of “testimony” from Michelo Franco, as well as original photos of this yellow beauty being inspected at Auto Torino in 1991.

This very special Testarossa is a perfect example of one of Ferrari’s most celebrated designs and is suitable for any exceptional museum or premier Ferrari collection. It simply cannot be duplicated.

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