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Auburn Fall 2021

1985 Lamborghini Jalpa P350 GTS


$83,600 USD | Sold

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  • One of 410 Jalpas produced; 3.5-liter V-8, five-speed manual transmission
  • Targa top for open-air driving; fitted with optional rear wing
  • Equipped with four-wheel disc power brakes, power windows, factory air conditioning, and stereo
  • Displays fewer than 63,500 actual kilometers (~39,500 miles) at time of cataloguing

The Jalpa was introduced at the 1981 Geneva Auto Show alongside Lamborghini’s outrageous LM001 concept off-road vehicle. Based on the Silhouette, the Jalpa was intended to be a more accessible performance offering and a companion to the more expensive Countach. The Jalpa owed its styling to Lamborghini’s in-house designers with help from coachbuilder Bertone. Its name was derived from Jalpa Kandachia, a famous breed of fighting bulls—a naming convention that followed Lamborghini tradition.

Contemporary road tests lauded the car’s merits: Auto Italia’s Robert Giordanelli commented that while the Jalpa was not the fastest Lamborghini, it was the easiest to drive. In the U.S., Road & Track said that the Jalpa was “one of the most exciting cars to drive we’ve come across in recent years.” Zero to 60 mph was quoted as 7.3 seconds with a maximum speed of 155 mph, excellent performance for 1985.

This Lamborghini is one of 410 Jalpa P350 GTS examples produced between 1981 and 1988. Power is supplied by a 3.5-liter alloy V-8 engine with four overhead cams and four downdraft Weber carburetors. It is shifted via a five-speed manual transmission and equipped with a removable targa panel roof, power windows, power four-wheel disc brakes, air conditioning and a Pioneer stereo radio. Its odometer shows fewer than 63,500 actual kilometers (~39,500 miles) from new at time of cataloguing, a reading believed to be actual.

Finished in a striking red over tan leather, this Jalpa is fitted with Koni shocks and a sport exhaust. The distinctive rear wing, a feature offered as an option for Jalpas in-period, has been added by the owner. To enhance visibility, the owner installed additional LED taillights on the rear wing’s upright stanchions.

An engine servicing was performed in September 2007, which included an upper engine rebuild, stainless steel valves, new clutch, alternator, plug wires and seals, among a long list of maintenance line items. Further, the exterior has been repainted and a new leather interior and carpet were installed in 2007; additional documented maintenance has been carried out as needed from 2007 through 2017, as indicated by invoices on file, making this Jalpa an appealing example of a rarely seen Lamborghini.