Auburn Fall | Lot 4121

1977 Porsche 911 Race Car

The Cayman Island Motor Museum Collection



$41,800 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana

3 September 2021

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  • Offered from The Cayman Island Motor Museum Collection
  • An interesting 911 race car
  • Kremer K3-style Le Mans replica bodywork
  • Powerful 3.6-liter 993 engine; five-speed G50 with a limited-slip differential
  • Equipped with roll cage, racing seats, and fuel cell

“All Porsches are racing cars,” once declared Dr. Ferdinand Porsche—and there is no question that the famed 911 platform continues to serve as the basis for what are among the world’s most successful and enduring production-based competition machines.

Here is a U.S.-delivery 1977 911 coupe that has been upgraded with an exciting Kremer/Design Plastics-style fiberglass “Flat-nose 935” body kit that emphasizes the low drag and thoughtful airflow management developed in the middle-1980s for LeMans and other high-speed circuits. The replacement bodywork and livery closely replicate that of the Phillipe Salvet/Numero Uno- sponsored 1979 24 Hours of LeMans-winning Group 5 Porsche-Kremer K3 of Bill and Don Whittington and Klaus Ludwig, albeit with a smaller rear wing and a few other changes.

This car's original 165 horsepower 2.7-liter boxer six has been replaced with a much stronger Type M64/07 air-cooled engine from a 1995 993, whose 3.6-liter displacement produced 272 horsepower at 6,100 rpm and a healthy 243 pound-feet of torque in stock form. The transmission is a five-speed G50 with a limited-slip differential.

Prepared for racing, this coupe was fitted with a roll cage, a pair of deep fabric-covered Sparco “Junior” racing seats and Impact racing harnesses. There is a four-spoke leather-wrapped “Dino” steering wheel and a 200-mph speedometer, plus extra gauges to supplement the already comprehensive Porsche instrument cluster. There are numerous dashboard switches to control lighting and other functions. The front trunk is filled with an older ATL fuel cell and a remote reservoir for the dry-sump lubrication system. The car rides on five-lug, 18-inch diameter Forgeline modular alloy wheels and Michelin tires, 245/40-18 in front and 295/35-18 in the rear.

While there is no information available regarding the construction and history of this interesting 911 race car, it has been displayed in the Cayman Motor Museum collection at West Bay on Grand Cayman Island. This eye-catching car will require a full inspection, updating of safety equipment, and servicing prior to returning to the track.

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