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Auburn Fall 2021

1969 Dodge Charger 500 'J-Code'


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  • A unique and highly sought-after NASCAR homologation special
  • One of 119 Hemi-powered “J-Code” examples produced; four-speed manual transmission
  • Finished in its factory-correct Alpine White over red interior with red tail stripe
  • The only example believed built with this powertrain and color combination
  • Comprehensively suite of factory options including Super Track Pack, bucket seats, console, AM radio, power disc brakes, clock/tachometer dual gauge, rallye dashboard

The Dodge Charger 500 Coupe is a one-year-only homologation special which was created to ensure the marque’s successful competition in the 1969 NASCAR season. With just 392 examples produced, the model’s interesting aerodynamic modifications and improved performance all heralded the continued development of the Charger platform, which culminated in the creation of the iconic Daytona just several months later.

This example offered here is one of 119 Hemi-powered “J-Code” Charger 500s produced. The 426 cubic-inch V-8 engine was factory-rated at 425 horsepower and, in this case, paired to a desirable four-speed manual transmission. Clad by the factory in the striking and desirable shade of Alpine White over a red interior with red tail stripe, this Charger 500 is believed to be the only example provided with this powertrain and color combination.

In the early 1990s, the car was treated to a meticulous and superbly detailed rotisserie restoration. Upon completion, it was featured in the September/October 1994 issue of Mopar Muscle magazine. Amongst other print media, it appears in Hemi Muscle Cars by Robert Genat, published in 1999.

Other features of this one-year-only Charger 500 include Super Track Pack, bucket seats, console, AM radio, hood turn signals, woodgrain steering wheel, power disc brakes, and the tachometer/clock dual instrument.

Interestingly, as a chassis completed in December of 1968, headrests were still optional (as indicated by the trim tag); all Dodge chassis produced after January 1969 were equipped with headrests due to government mandate. This small but unique production detail is commonly missed or mistakenly “corrected” by restorers. As such, the absence of headrests offers yet another convenient testament to the remarkable attention to detail provided to this chassis during its restoration.

The extensive documentation includes broadcast sheet, original fender and vin tags, owner history, owner’s manual, and correct date codes on the carburetors, rear end, distributor, radiator and top-end engine components. The engine block is a replacement unit of the correct style and casting type, which is believed to have been fitted during the car’s previous restoration.

This uniquely specified and eminently presentable Charger 500 “J Code” is surely one of the most interesting and alluring examples of NASCAR homologation history available today.