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1935 Duesenberg II Model SJ Torpedo Phaeton

Sold For $187,000

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RM | Auctions - AUBURN FALL 3 - 5 SEPTEMBER 2020

Chassis No.
1ETTW12B5NDJ00301 WI
  • A meticulous re-creation of a breathtaking Gordon Buehrig Duesenberg design
  • Fuel-injected Ford V-8 power; automatic transmission
  • All mechanical components can be serviced at a Ford or Lincoln dealership
  • Beautiful details inside and out, including engine-turned dashboard, appropriate badging, and high-quality brightwork
  • Completed in the early 1990s
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Please note that this vehicle is titled as a 1992 Special Construction Duesenberg Phaeton with a WI state assigned VIN.

Over eight decades after it ceased production, Duesenberg is still widely recognized as the pinnacle of Classic Era American automotive excellence; none can fail to appreciate a Duesenberg’s unmatched blend of precisely engineered power, coachbuilt elegance, and sheer presence. The marque was no less respected in the late 1970s, when Elite Heritage Motors of Elroy, Wisconsin embarked on an ambitious effort to bring the Duesenberg legend back to life. The name of their product was, fittingly, Duesenberg II.

While powertrains were to be distinctly modern (Ford V-8 engines, in the case of this car fuel-injected, paired with automatic transmissions), Duesenberg IIs were anything but a half-hearted attempt to cash in on the legacy of one of the truly grand marques. Like the originals, these cars would be built by hand in limited quantities using high-quality materials and sold for top dollar to a discriminating clientele. Ultimately, Elite Heritage Motors and its successor, Duesenberg Motors, Inc., produced roughly 71 cars in six different body styles, each a careful tribute to a notable Classic Era coachbuilt design.

Built in the early 1990s and titled as a 1992, this car echoes the Gordon Buehrig-designed, Brunn-built Model J (later supercharged) Torpedo Phaeton—a car unfortunately lost to history, but later re-created both on original Model J chassis and in Duesenberg II form. Only seven Duesenberg IIs were built in this distinctive style, which featured an imposing dual-cowl configuration and a distinctive rounded tail.

Nicely presented in maroon over a tan interior, this Torpedo Phaeton has all the immediate presence one associates with a classic Duesenberg, but it is more than skin-deep; period-appropriate badging, authentic chrome brightwork, and engine-turned metal surfaces invite careful, and close, inspection and appreciation. Even the gear selector for the automatic transmission is cleverly incorporated into vintage-look floor shifter. A further advantage of the car’s modern drivetrain is that it can be readily serviced at a Ford or Lincoln dealer, allowing its owner to drive it anywhere with confidence.

Many have tried to blend Classic Era styling with modern performance and convenience, typically with mixed results. Thanks in part to its use of authentic-inspired materials and time-tested craftsmanship techniques, this 1935 Duesenberg II SJ Torpedo Phaeton is one of the few that gets it right, making it worthy of one of the greatest names in automotive history.

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