Auburn Fall

Auburn Auction Park
1 - 5 September 2020
Lot 6144

1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Phaeton


$90,750 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana



Serial No.
812 1012 H
Chassis No.
Engine No.
FC 3169
  • Believed to be a leftover 1936 810 which was renumbered to be sold for the 1937 model year
  • Older restoration in exciting colors
  • Upgraded later in life with a factory-supercharged ‘FC’ engine
  • An iconic Gordon Buehrig design

Sometimes known as the “Baby Duesenberg” and produced only for 1936 and 1937, the innovative “coffin nose” Cord remains an undisputed collector favorite today. Conceived as the modern successor to the groundbreaking and handsome but short-lived Cord L-29, the later 810/812 series exemplified E.L. Cord’s proven formula for sales success: a combination of cutting-edge streamlined styling, quality engineering, and high performance, all at a surprisingly reasonable price point.

The 812 phaeton offered here is believed to be an early-production car, actually a leftover 1936 810 which was renumbered to be sold for the 1937 model year. It is believed that during its restoration some years ago it was assigned the current serial number, 812 1012 H, which is displayed on its current data plate. Based on the chassis frame number, 825, not matching the serial number, it was likely assembled from the front stub frame and body of two different cars. The car would have been originally powered by a non-supercharged ‘FB’ engine which was replaced at some point with the factory-supercharged ‘FC’ engine with its distinctive side exhaust that it features now. The Cord was sold to the current owner from the estate of Tom Lutzi of Emerald, Nebraska, in August 2004.

Following acquisition the car underwent a restoration, with the paint and bodywork finished by a local shop in Omaha, Nebraska, and the transmission, heads, radiator, and mechanical work by Arbor Garage; Tom Sewell supplied the interior. The carburetor and water pump were both rebuilt by the late Henry Portz, a well-regarded Cord specialist in Arroyo Grande, California.

The seating position has been modified and a hand clutch has been added.