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Auburn Auction Park
29 August - 1 September 2019
Lot 2122

1934 Packard Super Eight Coupe

The Ed Meurer Collection


$99,000 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana



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  • Beautifully presented example
  • Fascinating ownership history
  • One of just 1,920 Super 8 coupes built for 1934
Addendum: Please note that this title is in Transit.

Though Detroit is predominantly known as the home of Packard, by 1931 Packards were being assembled in Canada, with the goal of reducing export tariffs on cars that were to be sent to England and other European countries. In order to qualify, Canadian Packards were truly products of Canada. It is said that on Canadian-built examples, the tires were manufactured in Canada, as was the upholstery fabric and paint. The glass was made in England, but it was laminated in Canada. The radiator cores and headlamps were Canadian in origin, as were the carpeting, lacquer paint, and brakes. Other Canadian-sourced parts included front and rear springs, wheels, hub covers, mufflers, body hardware, and more. The engines were assembled in Canada, both with locally sourced parts and parts supplied by the Detroit factory.

Though no 1934 Packard can be considered “common,” Canadian-made Packards are significantly rarer than their American-made cousins. The example offered here is surely among the finest Canadian-built Super 8s in existence. Built on a Model 1104 chassis, this 758 Super 8 coupe features a 141⅞ in. wheelbase and is powered by a 385-cubic-inch straight-eight engine. The car is said to have a fascinating history, namely that it was purchased new in Canada by the nephew of an Italian dignitary. The nephew is said to have shipped the car to Italy, where it was enjoyed for a few years. With the outbreak of World War II, the nephew reportedly had the car smuggled out of Italy and back to Canada. Upon arrival it was determined to be contraband by Canadian authorities, allegedly after being tipped off about the car by his uncle.

Now fully legal and properly licensed in the United States, the car presents beautifully and is in the long-term care and ownership of a prominent private collection. Offered in a stunning two-tone livery with cream bodywork over black fenders, the car will be a surefire award winner after appropriate detailing. Fitted with a heater and accessory trunk, the car retains its Packard Motor Car Company of Canada badge, which is inscribed with the uniquely formulated Canadian dating method. It will surely make an impression on any CCCA CARavan or at any appropriate show.