Auburn Fall | Lot 4125

1958 Buick Limited

$239,250 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana

2 September 2017

  • Exceptional, award-winning restoration in original colors
  • Luxurious fittings throughout, power amenities, and air conditioning
  • Functioning factory Air-Ride suspension
  • Distinctive and exclusive one year only offering
  • Only 839 built; approximately 20 survive

The 1958 model year is remembered by many enthusiasts as the zenith of automotive excess: the largest-ever cars with the most lavish trim. Few were more chrome-covered than the 1958 Buick Limited, a new series that brought back the famous Limited name, once used to denote Buick’s largest, grandest, and most expensive models.

True to that heritage, the 1958 Limited was the top of the line, carrying the same dynamic “Fashion Air Dynastar” styling as other Flint products of the year, including a remarkable grille composed of 160 faceted chrome squares, but with more brightwork on a longer 127.5-inch-wheelbase chassis, for a total span from nose to nose of over 227 inches. Distinctive to the Limited were the “hash marks” along the rear fenders, as well as a more sumptuous interior.

The Limited was also the only 1958 Buick model that featured the distinctively beautiful, bright lower rear quarter panels that blend impeccably into the massive rear bumper. Jewel-like chrome bands surround each wheel opening and the taillight towers are dramatic in presentation and also unique.

Performance was provided by the 340-horsepower, 364-cubic inch “nailhead” V-8 which was paired with the two-speed Flight Pitch Dynaflow transmission, featuring three turbines and a variable-pitch stator.

Detroit was caught unawares by 1958’s flash recession, and sales of its glittering dreamboats were hit hard across the line—few more so than the Limited, which proved to be worthy of that name in more ways than one. At $5,125, it was the most expensive Buick and, with only 839 built, the rarest stateside offering. Far fewer examples have survived; numbers as few as 20 cars extant have been suggested by respected sources.

Looking absolutely stunning with its award-winning restoration, this Limited Convertible Coupe is presented in Mohave Yellow (code U) with Yellow and White leather interior (code 780) and White (code 2) power-operated convertible top which coincides with the cars data tag of trim and paint codes. The upholstery is presented in its original button-tufted pattern on the seats and door panels. The dash is padded and also seen in this rich color. The trunk and engine compartment also exhibit outstanding detail in presentation, which includes proper fits and finishes. The trunk is fitted with the proper lining and has a matching spare with the jack.

The Series 700 Limited was fitted by the factory with many standards that were optional on most cars. Amongst these are power steering, brakes, windows, six-way seat, and antenna; Wonder Bar AM radio, Autronic Eye, windshield washer, heater/defroster, instrument panel padding, Air-Ride suspension, E-Z Eye glass, Safety Group, and more. This exceptional example, in addition to its functional factory Air-Ride suspension, also has factory air conditioning – quite unusual for a convertible of the period.

From March 2015 through the summer of 2017, this Buick Limited Convertible has compiled an outstanding array of awards that includes many AACA honors. Amongst these are National Junior and Senior First Place finishes, Grand National First, and Grand National Senior. A Buick Club National Gold Senior winner; the car attained 395 points from the 400 available. At the Concours of the Americas in Plymouth, Michigan the Limited received the Lion Award.

The second “Eisenhower Recession” curtailed car sales, large cars most of all. While the Series 75 Roadmasters sold nearly 15,000 cars in 1957; the equivalent 1958 Limited managed fewer than half that many. These Buick losses are to the benefit of automotive aficionados, as the scarcest 1958 Buick became one of the most rare and desirable Buicks of all post-war production. This car is a remarkable example that easily garners attention.

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