Auburn Fall | Lot 7063

1947 DeSoto Custom



$71,500 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana

6 September 2015

Identification No.
  • Six-cylinder engine
  • Manual transmission
  • Finest period Chrysler Corp. engineering
  • Black canvas top
  • Spotlight
  • Rear fender skirts
  • Dual sideview mirrors
  • Red and white interior
  • Distinctive grille and bright trim
Addendum: Please note this vehicle has a non-conforming VIN

Hudson Motor Car Company was founded by auto forerunners Howard Coffin, George W. Dunham, and Roy E. Chapin, and largely funded by department store owner Joseph L. Hudson. In 1910, just one year after it was created, Hudson was the eleventh-largest auto company in America — a country then rampant with automakers.

Hudson has a history of winning a number of competitive events, stressing economy, speed and hill climbs. Then, for World War II, Hudson converted its factories to make war materials; many military boats were powered by Hudson Invader engines.

After World War II, each automaker brought out their new and restyled models; Chrysler’s styling belied strong engineering. Hudson’s advanced engineering and styling helped it to compete.

In 1947, Hudson was touted as being the automobile for distinction. It was a big, luxurious car that was a pleasure to drive and “a thrill to own.” It featured smart new styling and smooth, powerful performance that made DeSoto the proud choice of the discriminating buyer of the period. It offered fine quality and embodied all that was the finest in Chrysler Corporation engineering.

This beautiful convertible coupe is presented in black with a red and white interior and has a black canvas top. It runs with an inline six-cylinder engine that is paired up to a manual transmission. It features a quite distinctive grille and brightwork trim elements, and is further decked out with a spotlight, rear fender skirts, dual sideview mirrors, clock and radio.

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