Auburn Fall | Lot 5056

1934 Pierce-Arrow Five-Passenger



$36,300 USD | Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana

31 August 2013

Addendum: Vin error on title - police inspections provided.

385-cid, 140-hp L-head inline eight-cylinder engine with three-speed manual transmission, four- wheel leaf spring suspension, solid front axle, live rear axle and four-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 144-inches

As the choice of several U.S. Presidents and the elite of American society, Pierce-Arrow is one of America’s most legendary automobile manufacturers. Throughout the 1920s, the marque remained at the pinnacle of the American fine car market, along with Peerless and Packard, representing one of the famous “Three Ps” of luxury. As the infamous stock market crash and Great Depression loomed, Pierce-Arrow resolutely continued to focus on its luxury-car roots and its upscale, discerning clientele more than ever before, and to the end, the marque never compromised on its impeccable quality and substance.

The 840A Sedan offered here features Pierce-Arrow’s earliest streamlined production styling from 1934, and is a mostly original car which appears to have been maintained, driven, and enjoyed throughout its life. It is presented with features that include dual sidemount spares in hard covers, dual rearview mirrors, center-mounted driving light, “archer” hood ornament, luggage rack and a gorgeous vee’d grille that immediately draws ones attention. It would ideal for further mechanical and cosmetic re-commissioning for CCCA CARavans and other tours, where its wonderful formal presence and smooth power would be appreciated by the driver and onlookers alike.

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