Auburn Fall | Lot M5110

2007 Custom Motorcycle Built for Carroll Shelby




$45,000 - $65,000 USD | Not Sold

United States | Auburn, Indiana

1 September 2012

Identification No.

This incredible custom Shelby Cobra Tribute Chopper was built by Zacky’s Custom Road in Seattle, Washington. The painstaking design process included sending the plans to Carroll Shelby to get his blessing before the build started. Upon final approval, Mr. Shelby told builder, Keith Wong, to “make it fast” and “make it cool”. This mission is accomplished with the following elements to the build process. The bike is finished in iconic Guardsman Blue with white LeMans stripes. Like the Cobra, it is based on a big, bad American engine – in this case a 140-cid, 160-hp Ultima Twin with 175 ft/lbs of torque. Styling cues include a custom, CNC-machined wheels that mimic Halibrand knock-off magnesium wheels, a hood scoop on the tank, a custom “tuck and roll” seat that perfectly matches Cobra bucket car seats. The wood inlaid grips and controls are inspired by the wood steering wheel and shift-knob from the Cobra. The motorcycle has Ford blue engine cases and cylinders, powder-coated headers and a half-scale Cobra sidepipe. There is also a Cobra badge on the crankcase, along with many other detail elements upon closer examination.

Carroll Shelby loved the design and confirmed his approval by signing the gas tank. The bike has been featured in “V-Twin Magazine”, as well as being included in their “100 Coolest Custom Bikes” calendar. Included is a Shelby Certificate of Authenticity and a photograph of the late Mr. Shelby signing the tank.

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