Lot 111

Monaco 2016

1974 Agrati-Garelli Katia MS

The Quattroruote Collection


€702 EUR | Sold

Monaco Flag | Monte Carlo, Monaco



Frame No.
MS 00237
Bill of Sale

1.4 hp Bosch 24-volt direct-current electric motor, toothed belt drive, telescopic front fork, mechanical rear shock absorber, and handlebar-actuated rear drum brake. Length: 1,520 mm

Anyone who lived in an urban area in the 1970s—or who has had the pleasure of visiting Bermuda today—will know the light-hearted fun of riding a moped. The electric Agrati-Garelli Katia MS offered here was produced during the heyday of this mode of transportation and is a fine original example, built by one of the greatest Italian names in these charming machines. Agrati-Garelli bikes were known for their quality and solid design, which make them readily usable for today’s roads.