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London 2018

2003 Ferrari Enzo


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Chassis No.
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Cancelled Italian Libretto
  • Single ownership and less than 6,100 km from new
  • Major service and inspection by Motor Service Srl in July of 2018
  • Accompanied by its original tool kit, manuals, car cover and keys
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For the automotive industry, the introduction of a Ferrari hypercar has always been the seminal moment in each generation. As the 288 GTO and the F40 defined the company in the 1980s, spectacular cars in a period that was marked by the death of its founder and a drought of Formula 1 world championships, the F50 defined the company in the 1990s as it was coming back into its own and was beginning to diversify its model range. When the time came for a new supercar in the early 2000s, the world waited with baited breath. By that time, sales and production were increasing to new heights each year and the Scuderia was back on the top of the world, securing four Constructors’ championships and three Drivers’ championships in a row, with Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt leading the way. It was clear that this upcoming Ferrari supercar would be one to impress.

Finally breaking cover at the 2002 Paris Motor Show, the Ferrari Enzo stunned the automotive press, eager clients and the general public alike by offering a sensational combination of 21st century design and performance to create one of the most exciting road-going automobiles the world had ever seen. At its base was its chassis tub, made of carbon fibre and Nomex honeycomb, tipping the scales at just 200 lbs. Aluminium sub-frames were then mounted on the tub, and these laid the groundwork for the mounting of Pininfarina’s unique coachwork.

That coachwork was penned by Ken Okuyama, allegedly during a lunch break, to mimic the design of an open wheel race car, as though it was wrapped in a skin extending over the fenders and cockpit. Fine-tuned in Pininfarina’s wind tunnel, the bodywork itself was crafted from carbon fibre and Kevlar. Unique scissor doors further accentuated its stunning looks, creating a car with visual presence and panache the likes of which Ferrari had never seen before.

The engine was equally as impressive. The Tipo F140B V-12 bore a displacement of nearly six litres and was the largest engine built by Ferrari since the 712 Can-Am of the 1980s. It was packed with racing components such as Nikasil-lined cylinder walls, titanium connecting rods and a telescoping intake manifold designed to boost torque, ultimately developing 651 hp and 485 foot-pounds of torque, earth-shattering numbers even by today’s standards. The F140’s evolutions would go on to power the 599 series, the F12 Berlinetta and LaFerrari. The performance that the engine provided was incredible.

From a standstill, the Enzo will reach 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds, leading to a top speed of 218 mph. In a contemporary review of the Enzo, Harry Metcalfe remarked on the Enzo’s impressive speed, commenting that, ‘It’s like the car is covered in a special layer of Teflon, allowing it to slip effortlessly through the cool night air. In fact, this side of a Veyron, I can’t think of a car that builds speed quite as easily as the Enzo.’

Finished in the quintessential colour combination of Rosso Corsa over Nero, this Enzo was delivered on 17 December 2003 to a gentleman residing in Prato, Italy, and has remained with him since new. Always properly cared for and regularly exercised and enjoyed throughout its life, the car presents beautifully throughout, having covered less than 6,100 km from new. It is accompanied by its original owner’s manuals, including its original warranty booklet, which confirms that it still retains its original engine, as well as two sets of keys, a car cover and its original tool kit.

In July of this year, the Enzo was brought to Motor Service Srl, the official Ferrari distributor in Modena, for a major service. With invoices totalling to just under €14,000, no stone was left unturned in making sure the car is ready for anything its next owner has in mind. This included a full fluid flush, new fuel pump, pump for the brake fluid and a new battery. Motor Service Srl carried out a full inspection and diagnostic check on the car, showing the clutch wear at 3.45% (96.55% of clutch life remaining). It should be noted that the Enzo still wears its original Bridgestone Scuderia tires, attesting to the car’s level of originality. Furthermore, these invoices and records are included in the car’s history file.

An icon of the Montezemolo era, the Enzo proved to be not only the benchmark for an industry, but continues to be the benchmark for Ferrari itself as the company progresses further into the 21st century. Standing tall amongst such vaunted brethren as the 288 GTO, F40, F50 and now the LaFerrari, the Enzo represents the ultimate iteration of the naturally aspirated, limited-edition Ferrari hypercar, combining the very best components and technology the world had to offer. Offered from the loving care of just one careful custodian over the course of its life and with a full service by Ferrari’s dealership in the factory’s own hometown, this Enzo will surely not disappoint.