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1916 Pierce-Arrow Model 38-C-4 Five-Passenger Touring

Sold For $154,000

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RM | Auctions - HERSHEY 5 - 6 OCTOBER 2017

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  • Well-known ownership history for 80 years
  • Equipped with its original engine
  • Restored by well-known Brass Era enthusiast Manny Souza
  • Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) Full Classic

The Fourth series Pierce-Arrows introduced in 1916 offered subtle improvements over their predecessors and were received enthusiastically by their elite market. Their level of refinement masked the dramatic changes taking place at Pierce-Arrow. The company was floated on the stock market that year, bringing in $10.7 million in proceeds, but New York financiers led by John Jay Jr., a partner in Seligman & Company, took control. Many of the managers and designers who had been with the company since its days as the George N. Pierce Company began to leave, marking the Fourth series Pierce-Arrows as the ultimate refinement of the products and standards which established the Pierce-Arrow reputation.

The Model 38 was Pierce-Arrow’s most affordable offering, positioning that makes clear the strict focus of Pierce-Arrow on the luxury market. Powered by a 415-cu. in. inline six-cylinder engine with 4-in. bore and 5½ -in. stroke and constructed from the finest materials, the Model 38 rode upon a stately 134-in. wheelbase chassis, 7½ inches longer than a Packard Twin Six!

Offered here is a wonderful Model 38-C-4 five-passenger touring with a known history back to the early 1930s, when it was owned by two brothers who used it for automotive service calls and errands in Providence, Rhode Island. It was put into storage at the beginning of World War II and remained hidden away until the early 1970s, when it was acquired by Laurent Dionne of Warren, Rhode Island. Subsequently, it was acquired in the late 1980s by the renowned enthusiast Manny Souza, who undertook a six-year restoration to authentic and correct original condition. The car was then sold to an enthusiast in Florida, with whom it remained for some years.

Today the car’s Souza restoration remains well preserved, and it is still highly attractive and suitable for both showing and touring, with wonderful period touches that include the double side-mounted spares, a rear tonneau, and Westinghouse front air shocks. It has a terrific, jaunty air to go with its superb quality of construction, and would be a delight for any number of Nickel Era events and rallies.

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