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1999 Xanthos 23B

Sold For $41,250

Inclusive of applicable buyer's fee.

RM | Auctions - HERSHEY 9 - 10 OCTOBER 2014 - Offered from the collection of John Moir

Identification no.
  • Offered from the collection of John Moir
  • Purchased new by Mr. Moir
  • An attractive modern sports car with vintage style and Lotus power
  • A Moir family favorite

150 bhp, 1,599 cc overhead-valve four-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, reversed upper A-arm front suspension with a lower arm and sway bar, reversed A-arm rear suspension with double-trailing radius arms, and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 91 in.

As with so many of his cars, John Moir best tells the story of “X”:

"When, in 1997, I read in a British sports car magazine about three Englishmen building replicas of a mid-’60s Lotus 23 named the Xanthos, I was delighted. The only ‘X’ car that I had found was the Xenia, made in Xenia, Ohio, and there was only one still extant, but it was in a museum in Dayton, Ohio, and definitely not for sale.

The article said there was a U.S. agent in San Diego, and it gave a phone number. I called, and he said, “Yes, I have two.” I was out there the next week, and he had one with a Toyota engine and one with a rebuilt Lotus-Ford engine. Both were available on order, and it would take about two years to get one. I said I wanted the Lotus engine option and paid a deposit. Sure enough, in 1999, he called—the car was in California. “What are the roads like in New Hampshire?” he asked. I told him, and he said that he would set the suspension as high as possible but suggested that I get a dry-sump kit.

The car arrived as you see it, with turn signals and horn and all, but no windshield wipers. I had Dave Loring, of Conway, New Hampshire, a professional race car driver who was caring for a Lotus 23 for one of his customers, install a dry-sump kit. The car looks fast just sitting there."

Indeed it does, and it is fast on the road as well. The sleek fiberglass bullet has been a favorite car of the Moir sons and grandchildren, who count it as their favorite car in the collection. It has been maintained “on the button” for some time, and it has been regularly enjoyed on the local roads by visiting family members. There is no doubt that this Xanthos will be just as thrilling for its next owner and his or her own family to enjoy.

Please note that this lot is sold on a Bill of Sale.


Although the Xanthos is a race car, it is legally road registered in New Hampshire and is accompanied by the corresponding title document.

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