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1947 Diamond T Model 201 Pickup Truck

Sold For $49,500

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RM | Auctions - HERSHEY 11 - 12 OCTOBER 2012 - Collection of Ray Bowersox

Chassis No.

91 bhp, 236 cu. in. L-head inline six-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, solid front axle and live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 119?

• Fully restored

• Practical, heavy-duty, postwar design

• From the collection of Ray Bowersox

The “T” in Diamond T was Chicago’s Charles A. Tilt, and the marque’s distinctive logo came from his father’s shoe company, where the diamond signified quality and the “T” stood for the family name. Tilt manufactured a few custom-built passenger cars, starting in 1905, but only entered truck manufacturing in 1911, at a customer’s request. Diamond T trucks quickly gained renown for their high-quality components and assembly, and the company’s growth dictated larger facilities by 1916. During World War I, the company built some 1,500 Liberty trucks for the war effort and another 2,000 following the end of hostilities.

By 1926, Diamond T was building trucks as large as 12 tons, including a six-wheel model, and by 1933, modern features, including V-windshields and steel-roofed cabs, appeared. Diesel engines were available by 1936, when the Diamond T lineup was restyled with a streamlined theme.

The Model 201, a one-ton pickup, was introduced in 1938 and used a Hercules engine and Warner Gear transmission. Highly regarded for its rugged and sturdy character, the 201 was frequently converted for such difficult tasks as towing. Following World War II, competition with Ford and Chevrolet for the rural pickup truck market proved very difficult. Beginning in 1951, Diamond T limited production to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and in 1958, the company sold out to White Motor Co.

Resplendent in its red livery, this rare 1947 Diamond T Pickup Truck continues to benefit from a complete restoration and the proper care of the Ray Bowersox Collection. The engine was rebuilt in 1996 and other mechanical work included the rebuilding of the front suspension, transmission and rear-end, the installation of a new carburetor and new engine mounts, plus a rebuilding of the gauges. This Diamond T pickup will provide the new owner with a wonderful alternative to the far more common Chevrolet and Ford trucks of the era.

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