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1956 Fuldamobil S4


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Addendum: Please note that this is a 1956 Fulda S4; the correct chassis number is 200634.

A very rare, extremely original German microcar.


Manufacturer: Nordwestdeutsche Fahrzeugbau GmbH

Origin: Wilhelmshafen, Germany

Production: 701

Motor: ILO 1-cyl., 2-stroke

Displacement: 197 cc

Power: 9.5 hp

Length: 9 ft. 9 in.

Identification No. 200436

Karl Schmitt, head of Fulda, wishing to reduce the amount of hand-labour in the Fuldamobil N-2, approached VGM in Werdohl, who assured him that curved shapes could readily be formed in aluminum. The prototype S-1 was ready in July 1953, to be sold alongside the N-2 as the “Standard” version. But only three examples were built by Fulda before the cautious Schmitt decided the capital wasn’t there for another model.

The NWF Company built bus bodies for Ford in Cologne. The contract was ending, and the NWF people, with a license agreement, would give the Fuldamobil S-1a new lease on life. In June 1954, their technical staff visited Fulda, and two months later, production began. The car was identical to the Fulda, with the exception of the door’s rain gutter and the motor, which was an ILO instead of a Sachs. Fulda’s Stevenson didn’t agree with their choice, claiming the ILO’s gearing wasn’t suitable.

Sales didn’t materialize, and only 20 of the aluminum S-1 type three-wheelers were built per day, with some being sold back to Fulda in lieu of cash for the license. Offered here, this is a rare original-condition project car with its detail parts still intact.