The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum | Lot 630

1958 Solyto



$25,300 USD | Sold

United States | Madison, Georgia

16 February 2013

ID No.


Manufacturer: New Map

Origin: Lyon, France

Production: 4,000

Motor: Ydral 1-cyl, 2-stroke

Displacement: 125 cc

Power: 4.5 hp

Length: 8 ft.

Identification No. 72071

The venerable, long-lived motorcycle builders New Map, in Lyon, introduced, before World War II, a miniature roadster powered by a Fichtel & Sachs motor, and called it “Baby.” During the Occupation, Mr. Castellano worked out the design of a tiny, minimalist, three-wheeled utility truck. The design was shelved until immediately after the war, when the tiny roadster was once again put into production, this time under the name Rolux, and it was powered by an Aubier-Dunne, and later, an Ydral motor. The Société Rolux continued the leisurely manufacture of their car until parent New Map decided to replace it with Castellano’s miniature truck in 1952.

The Solyto was intended as a stylish, practical alternative to the scooter-based Vespa and Lambretta “triporteurs,” with their handlebars and open cabs. A proper round steering wheel turned the fork directly, and on which was mounted the familiar Ydral 125-cubic centimeter blower-cooled motor. It was kick-started after releasing the front grille, the fuel tank lived inside the cab on the dashboard, and the tube-framed chairs were canvas slings. Like many others, the small displacement allowed it to be driven without a license. This charming example is a correct, older restoration in Gunmetal Grey and Robin’s Egg Blue. It displays all of the aforementioned features, including the unworn canvas seats; it was perfectly suited to the times, as it was to the rural French farmer and small businessman.

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