Lot 124

Arizona 2018

1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Phaeton

Offered from a Private Collection


$156,800 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Phoenix, Arizona



Serial No.
812 32302 H
Engine No.
FC 3053
Body No.
C 91 648
  • Offered from a private collection
  • The finest original, unrestored example extant; 9,560 actual miles
  • Still wearing its original paint, interior, and body tags
  • Auburn Cord Duesenberg (ACD) Club Certified (C-065)
Addendum: Please note that the title is in transit.

John F. Johnson of Huntington, West Virginia, purchased this Cord 812 supercharged phaeton new in 1937 from a dealer in Gary, Indiana, during a cross-country business trip in which his Buick “failed to proceed.” It eventually returned with Mr. Johnson to Huntington, and with just 4,500 miles on the odometer, was put away in storage. There it remained until 1953, when its original owner sold it to Spencer Bowman of Cleveland, Ohio; Mr. Bowman, too, did not drive the Cord, and eventually sold it in 1970 to Cord collector Everett Kuhn of Illinois.

Mr. Kuhn was wise to not restore the Cord, only to gently recommission it and begin showing it. It appeared many times over the years at the ACD Club Reunion in Auburn, Indiana, winning many awards, and was also regularly used as a judging reference. It remained with Mr. Kuhn for 37 years before being sold to the current owner, only the fourth caretaker since new.

The condition of this car is utterly remarkable; with the exception of the top, replaced by Mr. Bowman after he spilled linseed oil on the original, it is untouched. Cord judges and connoisseurs argue over the correct color of factory spark plug wires, the proper finishes of fender welting, and the authentic original shade of Cigarette Cream paint; here are the answers. The Cord shows only 9,560 actual miles, and is accompanied by a collection of documentation from Mr. Kuhn, who, very much still a Cord enthusiast at the age of 102, still calls, once a year, to check up on the car.

For the enthusiast of authenticity and originality, there is simply no better choice.