Amelia Island | Lot 217

1951 Rovin D4

$27,500 USD | Sold

United States | Amelia Island, Florida

10 March 2012

Chassis No.

13 bhp, 462 cc four-stroke two-cylinder engine, four-speed manual transmission, hydraulic drum brakes, leaf spring front suspension with rear coils. Wheelbase: 1,800 mm (71")

• Older high-quality restoration

• Rovin’s most successful model

The first of the D-Type Rovins, the D1 was presented to the public at the Paris Motor Show in 1946. The 260-cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine produced a mere 6.5 horsepower but was mated to a three-speed manual transmission capable of propelling the little car to a speed of 44 mph. In 1947 production began in earnest on the next iteration of the series, the D2. These cars were produced in the old Delaunay-Belleville plant at Saint-Denis, which would allow for a larger production volume. Production of the D2 continued through 1948 with approximately 700 examples produced. The improved sales were largely due to the engine, which was now a flat twin water-cooled type of 423-cc displacement and producing 10 hp. The D3 was produced between 1948 and 1950 and was similar to its predecessor save for the styling enhancement of added doors and a second headlight.

The Rovin D4 was built beginning in 1950 and touted minor styling changes, but more importantly a new version of the flat twin that displaced 462 cc and put out 13 hp, a respectable increase of 30% over the previous model. The D4 proved to be Rovin’s most popular model, with 1,203 examples produced through 1953. This example comes from a large private micro car collection and boasts a high-quality restoration that has been very well maintained to this day. Chassis 2289 is finished in a highly attractive burgundy finish with grey steel wheels and tan interior. The quality of the paint finish is very high, with no evident blemishes from use. The interior appears equally unworn, as does all of the highly polished trim. The engine bay is very presentable and appears to have correct finishes. Micro cars are very popular today, and this Rovin D4 would be a perfect example to add to the display of a specialist collection.

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