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1961 Comet Sedan

Sold For $7,150

Inclusive of applicable buyer's fee.

RM | Auctions - AUBURN FALL 30 AUGUST - 2 SEPTEMBER 2018 - The Shrine of the Holy Grille

Chassis No.
  • Offered from The Shrine of the Holy Grille
  • The “Baby Edsel”
  • Older restoration with attractive custom paint; original rear seat upholstery
  • Spare radio included, along with original owner’s manual
  • 101-hp, 170-cu. in. OHV inline six-cylinder engine and three-speed manual transmission
  • A charming little entry-level collectible automobile

Why a Mercury Comet in an Edsel collection? It actually makes perfect sense to the Edsel historian. The story begins with the planned 1961 Edsel, a model that was, of course, never to come to fruition, but had been planned far enough to need to be produced in some form. Thus the 1960 Mercury Comet, which, not by coincidence, had an 8/10-scale 1959 Edsel dashboard, shared many of its dashboard and interior components with the 1959 Edsel, and had parts numbers in sequence after the 1960 Edsel. The 1960 Comet did not even have the Mercury name anywhere on the car – something that had changed by 1961, when the Shrine of the Holy Grille’s example was built. Largely original but for an attractive custom paint scheme and new front seat upholstery, it is offered with a spare radio and original owner’s manual. It would be a charming addition to any Mercury collection or someone’s ideal first antique automobile.

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