Lot 3038

Auburn Fall 2018

1999 Cadillac Deville Presidential-Style State Limousine by Superior Coach

The Calumet Collection


$45,650 USD | Sold

United States Flag | Auburn, Indiana



Identification No.
  • Offered from the Calumet Collection
  • Fondly known as “The Beast;” a veteran of numerous celebrations
  • Rebuilt in the fashion of the Clinton Administration “Cadillac One”
  • 275-hp, 278.6-cu. in. OHV V-8 and GM 4T80-E automatic transmission
  • Equipped with removable flag masts and “wig wag” headlights
  • Six-door, eight-passenger model with hidden cocktail bar and entertainment center
  • Tuxedo Black with Black leather interior
  • 65,584 miles recorded at the time of cataloguing
  • The ultimate party wagon for family and friends

The Calumet Collection has long had a fascination for American Presidential limousines, hence the acquisition of this car, “The Beast,” a Superior six-door Cadillac limousine, built in the fashion of the “Cadillac One” employed by the Clinton Administration. Equipped for parade duty with removable flag masts and colored flashing “wig wag” headlights, it features a roomy interior with a division window, reversible rear-facing seat (that can be turned around to function as a conventional jump seat), and hidden entertainment center and cocktail bar. For several years it has been employed as the Collection’s favorite party vehicle for entertaining family and friends, including attending the Academy Awards. It would be immensely entertaining and enjoyable for a new owner as well, and certainly the most possible “fun for your buck.”