Open Roads, August | Lot 170

"Moto Icarus" Watercolor by Christopher Woolley, 2013

$390 USD | Sold

United States | Louisville, Colorado

28 July - 4 August 2021

Moto Icarus
Christopher Woolley
Transparent Watercolor
Painted in 2013
23 × 31 in. (33 × 45 in., framed)

Moto Icarus captures 2012 Factory Spider Grips Ducati rider Carlin Dunne on race day, winning the overall Motorcycle class victory. Both Carlin and his teammate Greg Tracy pushed each other all week, besting each other’s times by .10ths of a second on every practice run in a furious battle against the mountain. Eventually Carlin edged past Greg to take the pole in qualifying. On race day first Greg and then Carlin broke the elusive 10 minute barrier with Carlin setting the course record at 9:52.8. An incredible 1:18.5 faster than the previous year’s record. Carlin reached 144 mph on the 12 mile 156 turn course! Carlin and Greg were 3rd and 4th fastest of all the vehicles that day on Pikes Peak.

Artist Christopher Woolley stood on the side of the course watching as Carlin and Greg’s flew by just a few feet away in the early morning air at 13,000 feet. Chris was so impressed by Carlin’s magical performance that he created this Pikes Peak motorsports masterpiece logging in well over 300 hours of painstaking detail. The painter had now become part of the Spider Grips Ducati family and was asked again to create exclusive prints of Moto Icarus for the team.

In 2019, to the heartbreak of every one of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb family Carlin Dunne lost his life racing on Pikes Peak. He was within sight of the finish line well on his way to setting yet another record on a factory Ducati. A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go to the Carlin Dunne Foundation.

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