1953 Minerva Land Rover Series I

€20,000 - €30,000

Lot Location: Sant’Agata, Bolognese, Italy

Offered Without Reserve

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European Offering

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Documents: Previous UK V5C

  • Interesting “Complete Knock Down” Land Rover provided to the Belgian Army
  • 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder engine; four-speed manual transmission
  • Under 10,400 km (~6,460 mi) indicated
  • Unique, presentable, and mostly original
  • Accompanied by BMIHT Certificate
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In 1951, the Belgian Army was searching for a new light-use 4x4 truck, and the domestic company Minerva was encouraged to enter the bidding process. Minerva approached the UK-based Rover about a licensed production contract for their indomitable Series I model. A deal was struck between the two companies, authorizing the sale of CKD or “Complete Knock Down” kits from Rover to Minerva. These provided a powertrain and chassis, upon which the Belgians were to put a steel body with slight, but distinctive, differences from that of a UK-made Land Rover Series I. The CKD agreement stayed in place until 1956, by which roughly 2,500 examples had been produced.

This mid-production example offered here was completed in 1953. Because it was supplied by Rover, a British Motor Industries Heritage Trust Certificate accompanies this Minerva confirming its original specifications. While BMIHT Certificates do not indicate engine numbers for CKD vehicles, the 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder installed in this Land Rover is of the appropriate type and is numbered in the age-appropriate range.

Although delivered for military application, this Land Rover lived an unbattered life, having seen very limited use and mileage in harsh conditions. It has survived with a solid body and chassis and a significant number of original hard-to-find items such as original keys, distributor, lights, switches, gauges, marked side glasses, original fuel tank and many other details rarely preserved on these cars. The seats have been re-covered in the correct material while under the consignor’s care, and electrical and brakes system have also received careful attention and servicing. This Minerva also reportedly benefits from a full fluid flush and a new set of period-style tires of the correct type.

This 1953 Minera Land Rover Series I CKD is a unique, alluring, and rarely seen example of military history that can be driven and enjoyed.


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