Lot 304

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder

Swiss Porsche Collection


CHF1,001,000 | Sold

Switzerland | Romanel-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland



Chassis No.
Serial No.
Swiss Carte Grise
  • Single ownership and just under 5,500 km from new
  • Swiss delivery example, delivered new through Porsche Centre Lausanne
  • Highly desirable Liquid Chrome Blue Metallic over a Mocha Brown leather interior

Please note this car is titled as 2014

The 389th 918 Spyder built, this particular example sports a number of highly desirable options. First and foremost, it is finished in Porsche’s Liquid Chrome Blue Metallic paintwork, an option unique to the 918 Spyder, costing $63,000, over a interior trimmed in Mocha Brown leather with Silver accents. Only three 918 Spyders were built to this specific configuration. Further options include the front-end lift, glare reducing interior trim, black seatbelts, electric height adjustment for the passenger seat, and the Burmester stereo. The car’s standard wheels were replaced with the magnesium-alloy wheels fitted to cars with the Weissach package, but the original wheels are included in the sale.

Clearly outfitted for grand touring rather than all-out performance, the car’s tasteful colour scheme and configuration speak to Porsche’s overall ethos for the 918 Spyder itself. Occupying a slightly different space in the hybrid-hypercar marketplace than its primary competitors, the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1, Porsche sought to utilize the 918 Spyder’s hybrid powertrain for daily usability rather than only utilizing its electric power to increase performance. Comparing it to the trio in this regard, the 918 Spyder boasted the furthest electric-only range, the lowest carbon dioxide emissions, and lowest fuel consumption.

Despite this, the 918 Spyder is certainly no slouch. The sprint to 100 km/h from a standstill takes just 2.6 seconds (faster than both the LaFerrari or the P1) leading to 200 km/h in in 7.2 seconds, 300 km/h in 19.9 seconds, and a top speed of 345 km/h. Massive carbon ceramic brakes, measuring 410 mm in diameter at the front and 390 mm at the rear, help to rein in the performance. Active aerodynamics also assist in maximizing downforce and efficiency, including an adjustable rear wing, a pair of flaps under the nose in the floor, and additional flaps near the headlamps.

Of course, what makes the 918 Spyder truly special is its hybrid electric powertrain. Its combustion engine is a 90-degree V-8 engine based on the powerplant found in Porsche’s RS Spyder LMP2 Le Mans prototypes. Boasting a flat-plane crankshaft, titanium connecting rods, and four valves per cylinder, all helping it rev to an ear-piercing 9,000 rpm. Total output for this engine is quoted at 608 bhp, which equates to an incredible 133 bhp per litre of displacement. This engine is further supported by a pair of electric motors, with one being mated to the engine itself and another providing drive to the front axle. Producing an additional 284 bhp, the total output for the 918 Spyder is an incredible 887 bhp with 994 foot-pounds of torque on tap.

Delivered through Porsche Centre Lausanne to the consignor in June of 2014 as one of only thirty-one 918 Spyders delivered to Switzerland, its most recent service was carried out by Porsche Zentrum Zug in November of 2018 at 4,454 km. Since then, the car has been driven roughly 1,000 km by its first and only owner and it remains in excellent condition both inside and out.

With hybrids and fully electric cars becoming a mainstay of the automotive industry, the 918 Spyder showed that Porsche had the engineering expertise to create innovative products and become an industry leader in the electrification of the automobile. Lessons learned from the 918 have trickled down to other models, such as the Cayenne and Panamera hybrid models, and even the all-electric Taycan. For years to come, the 918 Spyder will be fondly remembered as Porsche’s bright outlook on the future, showing that performance and efficiency can be beautifully combined to create a truly mesmerizing automobile. A well-equipped 918 Spyder is a must-have in any Porsche collection, and this example will not disappoint.