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Driving into Summer

1965 Ford Mustang 'K-Code' Convertible


$65,000 - $75,000 USD | Not Sold

United States Flag | Brookfield, Connecticut



Chassis No.
  • Desirable K-code 271-hp “Hi-Po” 289 cu. in. V-8 engine; believed to be original
  • Toploader four-speed manual transmission
  • Well restored example; presented nicely
  • Features dealer-installed air-conditioning
  • Rally Pac gauges and factory 8-Track radio
  • One of 7,273 ‘K-Code’ Mustangs produced through 1965

The impact of Ford’s first-generation Mustang on the automotive industry and, decades later, the old-car hobby, cannot be overstated. The characteristics that contributed to the car’s original appeal have been recounted again and again. From its attractive styling and sporting, yet practical, dimensions, along with an ample number of standard features and a host of options, the Mustang suited almost anyone’s taste or budget.

A few customers “ponied up” in 1965 to purchase the top of the line ‘K-code’ high-performance package. Included with the “Hi-Po” 289 were a Special Handling Package and a full complement of 6.95×14 dual-red-stripe tires. The entry fee for this performance boost: a whopping $442.60 over the additional $75 assigned to the 260 engine option. Except for the $283.20 air conditioning, no other factory or dealer Mustang accessory had such an impact on buyer’s wallets, which means that K-code production was understandably low. Over the course of the model-year run (including the 1964½ Mustangs), only 7,273 K-code Mustangs were produced from introduction through 1965, with convertibles believed to be the rarest body style.

The solid-lifter K-code 289 was not your average Ford small-block. Inside the over-square short-block's four-inch cylinder bores were high-strength flat-top aluminum pistons, which were linked via heavy-duty connecting rods with larger 3/8-inch rod bolts to a higher-nodular cast-iron crankshaft featuring a larger front counterweight to maintain high-RPM balance. Holding the crankshaft in place were heavy-duty two-bolt main bearing caps. Each cylinder head was equipped with 1.78/1.45-inch intake/exhaust valves and screw-in rocker arm studs, while cast-iron header-type exhaust manifolds helped breathing.

This restored, original ‘K-code’ is equipped with Ford’s rugged toploader four-speed manual transmission as well as dealer-installed air-conditioning, Rally Pac gauges, trunk rack and 8-track radio. Its 'K-code' engine is believed to be original. For an early Mustang, this car checks all the boxes: convertible, K-code, four-speed, well optioned, and beautifully restored.