A curated collection of dreams, embodied in reality as iconic examples of automobiles, sneakers, and sports memorabilia.

Do you dream of greatness? Beauty? Of becoming iconic? A dream will always remain a dream until one brings it to reality. In this case, The Dare to Dream Collection is wholly a real-life example of chasing one’s dreams and bringing them to fruition. Born from the desire to build a collection of icons—now spread across these three different sales—you’ll find a curated assembly of the best of the best. The live auction in Toronto at the end of May presents the postered cars of your childhood walls, the pair of Nike “Moon Shoes,” and some of the most notable Nikes and Air Jordans on the planet, along with select pieces of cherished sports art and memorabilia. More notable shoes from some of the most impressive collaborations ever produced and game-worn shoes are up for offer as part of The Ultimate Sneaker Collection, one of two entirely online sales of the collection. The second online sale, “Dare to Dream | Online,” is a comprehensive collection of even more sports and racing memorabilia, including autographed helmets, jerseys, racing suits, team jackets, and accessories, with the addition of unique cars and motorcycles. Chase your dreams starting 31 May when the sales begin. All lots are on offer, without reserve.

Inside the Dare to Dream Collection

Daring to Dream an Entire Collection

How inspiration begat inspiration to create a collection and museum consisting of every car, sneakerhead, and sports fans’ dreams

Amassing the Icons

Building the Dare to Dream Collection was no small feat—an in-depth interview with RM Sotheby’s Gord Duff on the building of this massive collection