The Automobile As Art: The Anatomy of the 1927 Bugatti Type 40 Grand Sport

Offered at RM Sotheby’s Guyton Collection Auction, 4-5 May 2019.

Andrew Miterko

The Type 40 was introduced in 1926 as the successor to the Brescia Bugatti as a standard touring car to capitalize on the 1.5 litre 12-valve engine. Several open and closed bodies were offered on the new short chassis, but the most popular iteration being the Grand Sport- a sporting, torpedo shaped four seater open body. It was offered as an affordable alternative to the Bugatti’s famed Grand Prix cars while offering all the road going attributes of its siblings: lightweight, lively and responsive with excellent braking. Only 780 examples were produced, with Jean Bugatti taking the first production model as his own. Click ahead to explore the attributes of this highly sought after roadster.