Lot 2128

The White Collection

2010 Porsche 911 Sport Classic


$643,000 USD | Sold

United States | Houston, Texas



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  • Amongst the most desirable and hard-to-find models in the 997 family, combining exclusive, retro-inspired design with nearly every factory performance option
  • The 116th of only 250 produced by Porsche Exclusive; nicely specified with sport shifter, Bluetooth interface, and fire extinguisher
  • Finished in original Sport Classic Grey over an Espresso leather interior
  • Currently shows just 1,115 miles (~1,794 km) at time of cataloguing, 1,050 of which were accrued on a dynamometer for emissions compliance purposes
  • Delivered new to Bosnia and immediately acquired by the White Collection in July 2010; the first 911 Sport Classic imported to the United States
  • Accompanied by build sheet, original manuals, production photo book, import paperwork, and tools
Addendum: This vehicle is in the US under a “show or display” exemption. It is imperative that any transfer of ownership be approved by NHTSA prior to the title changing hands and that this vehicle cannot be transferred to a dealership entity. The seller will work with the buyer to ensure all limitations are understood and that compliance with the current “show or display” requirements are met. Buyers should be aware that the vehicle is limited to use of no more than 2,500 miles per year and must be made available for inspection by NHTSA until the vehicle is not less than 25 years old. Please note the title for this lot is in transit. A 4-6 week delay is expected.

Few 911 models of the modern era are so highly sought-after, and difficult to find, as the 997.2-generation Sport Classic. Combining exclusive, retro-inspired design with nearly every factory performance option, just 250 units of this model were made by Porsche Exclusive—and exactly zero of them were delivered new to North America.

But the White Collection’s example, car number 116, is the first—and very likely the only—911 Sport Classic which has resided in America since 2010.

The White Collection sourced this car, when new, from a Bosnian Porsche dealer in July 2010. It was subsequently imported stateside to Houston, Texas under a “Show and Display” exemption with tremendous assistance from the renowned local importer, Wallace Environmental Labs. As presented today, 911 Sport Classic number 116 remains exceptionally well-preserved, and it currently indicates just 1,115 miles on its digital odometer at time of cataloguing. Of those, 1,050 miles were accrued on a dynamometer for emissions compliance purposes, as confirmed by a letter on file. The car has been started and run to operating temperature monthly while in the collection.

The 911 Sport Classic is instantly recognizable with its iconic RS-inspired ducktail spoiler, Fuchs-style alloy wheels, and distinctive Zagato-esque “double-bubble” roof. Even the car’s colorway of Sport Classic Grey paintwork with subtle grey stripes remains entirely exclusive to this model. Suffice it to say that it does not take an aficionado to detect that a Sport Classic is not an ordinary 911.

However, it is in less obvious details where the engineering pedigree of the Sport Classic reveals itself, whether it be the unique combination of the wider Carrera 4S bodyshell with rear-wheel drive or the standard fitment of the 997.2 Sport Chassis pack, Power Pack, and carbon ceramic brakes. Even the six-speed manual gearbox received a short-shift kit to produce a more rewarding action.

This exclusivity-of-finish continues to the Sport Classic’s formidable powerplant, which is a special 3.8-liter, flat-six-cylinder engine fitted with a power kit, carbon fiber airbox, new exhaust system, and remapped ECU. Taken together, these upgrades produce a thumping 408 horsepower, representing a 23-unit improvement over the contemporaneous Carrera S.

Porsche also tuned the Sport Classic's exhaust and intake resonances to further evoke retro, aural memories of the 1970s. Inside, natural Espresso leather is trimmed with woven gray and brown inserts for the unique seats and door cards. The gear lever, instrument dials, and steering wheel are tailored for the car, all in the pursuit of exclusivity and creating the ultimate driver experience.

Conceived to celebrate the 911s of the past while showing off the jaw-dropping capabilities of Porsche’s Exclusive department, the limited-production 911 Sport Classic truly sits at the intersection of classic style and modern performance. Already highly collectable, the White Collection’s example would make for an extremely fine addition to any stable.