Lot 221

The Porsche 70th Anniversary Auction

1980 Porsche 924


$53,760 USD | Sold

United States | Atlanta, Georgia



Chassis No.
Engine No.
VC 003 186
  • Extremely original example; just 11,000 miles from new
  • Finished in attractive Minerva Blue Metallic over black partial leather
  • Featured in Excellence magazine
  • Porsche Production Specification certificate

Once disparaged as not being as pure as the Porsche 911, the Type 924 is today appreciated as one of the best-handling automobiles to ever carry the fabled crest of Germany’s most successful sports car manufacturer. True, the 924 was to have been a collaboration between Volkswagen-Audi, which desired a lower-priced sports car of its own. But the world’s changing economic situation in the mid-1970s disrupted those plans, and the entire project landed in Stuttgart’s lap. Porsche was determined to make the best of it, bringing the 924 to the U.S. market in 1976.

In the summer of 1980, a Denver-based automotive account executive named Rose Kalista began looking for a sports car that she could enjoy on weekend jaunts; her company sedan was boring. Passing the Porsche dealer in Littleton one day, Rose’s eye was drawn to a gleaming new Minerva Blue 924 in the showroom window. It was, she later declared, “love at first sight.”

Due to the falling value of the dollar at that time, imports were becoming expensive. The 924 carried a base price of $15,970, and the car was “dressed up,” in dealer parlance. With a black partial leather interior, removable sunroof, air-conditioning, electric mirrors, metallic paint, and several dealer-installed accessories, including a rear reflector panel, 8-track stereo, and pinstripes, the bottom line came to nearly $18,000.

Although Rose immediately took her new coupe on the road to explore its capabilities, most of her time at the wheel was confined to shorter trips, and miles accumulated slowly. Still, she scrupulously maintained the car, never taking it out in the rain, making notes of every fill-up and every service visit. Over time, work demands meant fewer rides in her beloved blue Porsche, and it was parked under a soft cover in her garage. Even when it was not being driven, Rose made sure the oil and filters were changed on schedule.

Then one summer morning, the car would not start. Her regular mechanic had retired, so she found another shop willing to take on the car. While it was being serviced, a long-time Porsche enthusiast, PCA Concours judge, and friend of the shop technician wandered by. Examining the car on a lift, he discovered its pristine condition and asked to buy it. Although Rose had several other cars to drive, she was not in any hurry to sell. It took almost a year before Rose was persuaded to change her mind, but in June of 2014, the car changed hands. Soon after, it was featured in Excellence Magazine, a prime example of a very original and unmolested 924.

Today, this virtually unmarked example of the “transaxle” generation of Porsche is offered with its original documentation, its original tires and wheels (a second set of driver wheels is included), and Rose Kalista’s meticulously kept service log. Having been driven barely 11,000 miles over the last 38 years, it is a perfect candidate for the preservation class of any concours, where it will most certainly be recognized and respected as worthy of the Porsche name.