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New York - ICONS 2017

1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione 'Giallo Ferrari'


$190,400 USD | Sold

United States | New York, New York



Chassis No.
  • One of 400 ‘Giallo Ferrari’ special editions
  • Features ABS, air conditioning, and Recaro seats in black perforated leather
  • One owner from new; only 6,487 km (4,030 miles)
  • Italian delivery; original and unmodified
  • Complete with books, jack, tools, and safety triangle

The most successful rally car of all time, the Lancia Delta HF 4WD/Integrale won the World Rally Championship in six consecutive years, from 1987 through 1992. When a series of accidents forced the cancellation of Group B at the end of the 1986 season, the WRC shifted to Group A cars. Unlike Group B, which required only 200 examples for homologation, Group A was production based, requiring 5,000 examples. Lancia responded by transforming the Giugiaro-designed four-door, front-wheel drive, production Delta HF by increasing its engine capacity and adapting the all-wheel-drive system with Ferguson center coupling and Torsen rear differential from the Delta S4. The resulting Delta HF 4WD was introduced in mid-1986 and produced through 1987, after which the model was renamed Delta HF Integrale.

Wearing the distinctive Martini Racing colors of Lancia’s long-term Works sponsor, the new rally car was an immediate success, winning its first competitive event, the 1987 Monte Carlo Rally. The Delta went on to win eight of that season’s 11 championship events, delivering Lancia the world championship and establishing the foundation for the Delta legend. The Integrale’s remarkable success continued with 10 wins from 11 championship events in 1988, seven victories from 10 championship events in 1989, six from 11 in 1990, and six wins and four 2nd place finishes out of 10 events in 1991. Although Lancia officially withdrew from rallying after the 1991 season, the Integrale’s dominance continued, winning another eight of 10 events in the hands of Martini Racing in the 1992 season.

The ultimate homologation version of the Delta HF Integrale was the Evoluzione, built in 1991–1992 with a 16-valve version of the turbocharged 1,995-cc engine producing 210 bhp in street tune. In 1993–1994, a second-generation Evoluzione, the ‘Evo 2’ was produced, but the original Evo is generally recognized as retaining the closest connection to the indomitable Group A cars. In 1992, with five consecutive world championships and the Integrale’s iconic status indelibly confirmed, Lancia issued a series of special edition models.

This example is one of only 400 ‘Giallo Ferrari’ editions built. Its vibrant Fly Yellow paint perfectly sets off the traditional yellow-on-black Integrale gauges. With one private owner and only 6,487 km from new, it is remarkably original and unmodified, and includes all books, jack, tools, and safety triangle. Despite creature comforts like air conditioning and leather-clad Recaro seats, the Giallo Ferrari remains a visceral driving experience, reflecting the car’s roots as a rally legend.

With many Integrales receiving aftermarket modifications, seldom is there an opportunity to acquire such an Evo exactly as it left the factory. Those familiar with the model will recognize the prevalence of examples that have been modified and even raced. Common treatment includes aftermarket boost gauges, upgraded suspension, and tuning the ECU, to name a few. Suffice it to say that this car is absent of any modification from new, thus elevating it to a greater category than many of those currently on offer. Furthermore, as the Evo variants are reaching the 25-year mark, they are becoming eligible for importation to the U.S. As such, originality is all the more important when determining collectability. The difference between this outstanding and original example and others cannot be overemphasized.

This is an opportunity to acquire a rare special edition of the iconic Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione, the homologation rally car against which all others are measured.