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1995 Ferrari F512 M

The Very First U.S. Delivery F512 M


United States | California, California



Chassis No.
Engine No.
US Title
  • The ultimate expression of Maranello’s celebrated flat-12 engine model line
  • The first of 75 examples specified for the United States
  • One of 501 total examples built
  • Certified as a matching-numbers example with Ferrari Classiche Red Book
  • Documented history of five private owners
  • Two-time FCA Platinum Award winner
  • Displayed at the Cavallino Classic
  • Documented with prior titles, owners correspondence, and service invoices dating from 1996 to 2018
  • Major service carried out by Ferrari Beverley Hills in February 2022
  • Offered with manuals and tools in the proper leather pouches

The Ferrari F512 M, or “Modificata,” was launched in 1994 as the final version of the legendary Testarossa. Ultimately, it was to be the last flat-12-powered Ferrari model produced. In an effort to create a definitive final iteration, Ferrari improved all aspects of the model with particular attention to the chassis, engine, and cosmetics.

Numerous internal engine upgrades, including titanium rods and other lightened components, along with improved compression, contributed to an increased output of 440 brake horsepower, a dividend of 60 additional horsepower above Testarossa specifications. These improvements resulted in impressive performance figures, as the new model was capable of catapulting from standstill to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, with a top speed of 195 mph, metrics that favorably compare to the F40 supercar.

In addition to the engine modifications, refinements such as a new stainless-steel exhaust, an updated suspension, and a new Bosch anti-lock braking system combined to provide superior chassis performance and handling, which was further assisted by a near 50:50 weight distribution. The outgoing 512 TR’s design was revised with a unique set of taillights, three-piece alloy wheels, and a completely new front fascia that combined the striking lines of the F40 and 512 BB/LM. During a brief production period of approximately 18 months, 501 examples of the F512 M were built for worldwide distribution, including just 75 cars specified for the United States. This sparing production makes the model one of the rarest roadgoing Ferraris during Luca di Montezemolo's reign at Maranello.

As clarified by a placard affixed to the dashboard stereo compartment, and confirmed by owner’s correspondence, chassis number 099744 is the very first car built for distribution to the United States. According to the combined records of the F512M USA Registry; a file of invoices, titles, and correspondence; and a Ferrari Classiche Red Book, the berlinetta completed assembly in July 1994, finished in Rosso Corsa and appointed with an interior of beige leather and castore (beaver) carpeting.

Delivered in March 1995 to the Wide World of Cars in New Jersey, the Ferrari was purchased new by Sikander and Ishrat Durrani of Saddle River, New Jersey. The Durranis kept the F512 M for three years before selling it in May 1998 to Gerald Vincent John of Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, at which point the odometer displayed 2,411 miles.

Mr. John routinely submitted the F512 M to the famed Ferrari business ALGAR for service as needed, and he presented the car at the 1999 Cavallino Classic and the 1999 FCA Nationals in Atlanta, winning a Platinum Award at both events. In September 1999 John sold the Ferrari to Shelton Sports Cars in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the dealership performed a major service that included replacement of the timing and cam belts, at which time the odometer displayed 2,641 miles. By the end of the year the F512 M was sold to Anthony Famalette of Marathon, Florida, who reportedly displayed the car in his living room.

In June 2002 the Ferrari was purchased by Dr. Mark Moon of Jacksonville, Florida, and he maintained possession for approximately five years, continuing the car’s life of doting care and minimal driving use. Dr. Moon submitted the F512 M for maintenance to Shelton in July 2002 (with the car now displaying 4,464 miles), and in February 2007 he retained Omega Motorsports in Jacksonville to conduct another major service that included replacing the timing belts, rebuilding the water pump, repairing the air conditioner, and installing new spark plugs.

By April 2008 the Ferrari was sold to Don Rose, a marque enthusiast residing in Dallas, Texas, and he registered the car with license plates reading “FRSTM,” in a nod to the car’s unique position in the U.S.-specified production sequence. Invoices indicate Mr. Rose regularly submitted the car for maintenance to Boardwalk Ferrari in nearby Plano, including a major engine-out belt service in August 2018. In October 2014 the owner presented the car at the Boardwalk Autumn Concorso, winning the Ferrari class.

Most importantly, in September 2015 the F512 M was certified with a Ferrari Classiche Red Book that confirms the car retains all of its major factory-equipped mechanical components, making it a true matching-numbers example. The rare Ferrari is further documented with prior titles, owner’s correspondence, and service invoices dating from 1996 to 2018. Offered with a toolkit and owner’s manuals in the proper leather containers, this highly original and sparingly driven berlinetta currently displays 12,596 miles, and it is equipped with a Tubi exhaust, although the original exhaust system accompanies the car.

Finally, in February 2022, the car was sent to Ferrari of Beverley Hills to receive a major service, which included removing the engine and replacing the timing belt. At the same time, it was decided that several other items would be addressed, including replacing the gaskets on the valve covers, cam covers, exhaust headers, as well as replacing the coolant hoses and spark plugs. An oil and filter service was performed, alongside bleeding the brakes, recharging the AC, and adding new coolant. Four new tires were fitted, the front and rear bonnet struts were replaced, new windshield wipers were fitted, and the steering rack was rebuilt. This comprehensive work totaled to $19,953.47, leaving the car in exceptional condition throughout, ready to drive and enjoy. The next annual service will be due in March 2023 and the next major service will be due in March 2027 or in 15,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.

Notable as the very first of only 75 examples built for the United States, this spectacular F512 M is one of the finest examples to be encountered. Given its prestigious identity as the first example specified for the United States, the awe-inspiring berlinetta would make a fantastic acquisition for any American Ferrari enthusiast, or specialist in significant modern supercars. It is an ideal candidate for further display at FCA meets and regional concours d’elegance, or it may be enjoyed for the powerful performance that is characteristic of the final and most highly developed evolution of the Ferrari flat-12 model lineage. Regardless, this desirably original and beautifully maintained F512 M would make an outstanding addition to any supercar collection, sure to delight any enthusiast of flat-12 Ferrari road cars.

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