Monterey 2024

2020 Koenigsegg Regera

United States | Monterey, California



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US Title
  • One of just 85 examples produced globally, and driven 1,512 miles from new at cataloguing
  • Finished in Clear Carbon with Gold Leaf accents over bespoke Desiato trim
  • Wears over $501,000 in optional equipment and finishes
  • Features a central swath of custom Dark Carbon tinted with real gold dust at a cost of over $62,000
  • Powered by a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V-8 engine with three electric motors reported to produce 1,500 total horsepower

While founding your own supercar company is not for the faint of heart, founding one at 22 years of age with the expressed intent of competing with the likes of McLaren and Ferrari for the title of “World’s Greatest” would generally be considered laughable, if not ludicrous. How could someone so young compete with the monumental strides those marques have made in automotive performance and technology over the last half-century?

In the case of Christian von Koenigsegg, not only did he attempt such a feat—he succeeded brilliantly. Founded in 1994, Koenigsegg’s aspiration was to build nothing short of the greatest supercar in history. Over the next three years, with help from a small but highly skilled group, a prototype was constructed using a radical carbon fiber tub and a litany of automotive engineering firsts. This car, named the Koenigsegg CC (Competition Coupe), was first publicly displayed at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997, and the reaction from public and press alike was overwhelming.

Over the last three decades, the Koenigsegg name has become synonymous with absolute mechanical absurdity. Hollow carbon fiber wheels capable of speeds over 280 mph? Koenigsegg. 3-D printed turbochargers? Koenigsegg. A single-state torque converter able to handle over 1,400 pound-feet of torque? Koenigsegg. What about a hybrid-drive motor pushing over 1,500 horsepower? Koenigsegg has figured that out as well.

From speed records to innovative patents, each subsequent Koenigsegg product has triggered worldwide astonishment—with the Regera, Swedish for “to reign,” being perhaps the most outrageous exhibition of automotive technology ever offered to the public.

The Regera’s concept form was first unveiled to the world at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, followed by a tweaked production version at the same show the following year. Unique build characteristics abound, including Koenigsegg’s signature Dihedral Synchro-helix doors, which open both outwards and upwards for dignified egress and ingress, as well as a removable convertible top which can be stowed in one piece in the car’s nose, creating one of fastest convertibles ever produced.

The Regera’s most revolutionary innovations, however, lie within its hybrid-drive powertrain. Aptly named the “Koenigsegg Direct Drive” system, the Regera’s 5.0-liter V-8 engine produces over 1,000 horsepower thanks to a pair of 3-D printed variable turbochargers and patented exhaust arrangement. An 800-volt battery system utilizing F1-derived technology is mounted aft of the engine and mated to Koenigsegg’s “HydraCoup” torque converter—a remarkable and unique single-state drive mechanism which replaces the need for a gearbox. Finally, a supplemental trio of electric motors mounted on each drive shaft (one main, one on each rear half-axle shaft) are programmed to smooth out power delivery at low engine speeds, providing an additional 700 horsepower for use across the Regera’s already-staggering power band.

The Regera offered here is the 186th Koenigsegg chassis produced, and one of just 85 total Regeras constructed. Like all Koenigsegg chassis, it is a unique, alluring, and absolutely extreme creation wearing an astounding $501,330 in tailored options including dozens of Bespoke Legends appointments and extensive use of real gold leaf and dust throughout.

An accompanying Koenigsegg order quote reads as a dream checklist for any supercar enthusiast: a Clear Carbon finish for $170,000, Tresex AirCore wheels for $57,000, and, perhaps most stunning of all, a central swath of Dark Carbon, tinted with real gold dust and running the car’s length, for $62,000. Gold leaf striping was then cast upon the front and side intakes as well as over the center of the body to further accentuate the Regera’s curvaceous design. Bespoke furnishings continue in the form of 24K gold-plated exterior logos and shields, headlamp hardware, exhaust tip, filler caps, exterior mirror trim, door opener, and air vents. Inside, the gilded motif continues with a complete Desiato Alcantara interior featuring a healthy volume of carbon and gold on the dashboard, door panels, steering wheel, airbag, and French-cross patterned seats.

Accompanying invoices provide evidence of pampered care including services by both McLaren of Newport Beach, California and Bentley of Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the application of a full protective paint film by Protective Film Solutions of Santa Ana, California in 2021. Notably, the third-year service and a series of updates were completed in the spring of 2024 at a cost of nearly $19,000. This sum that included flying in a technician from Sweden to properly complete the work to Koenigsegg’s lofty standards! At the time of cataloguing, the Regera displayed 1,512 miles from new and consequently presents in excellent condition throughout—further increasing its already immense desirability.

The Koenigsegg marque has proven an individual with a dream can, in fact, take on the establishment and win. The company’s philosophy of building innovative and revolutionary cars continues to shine through in every aspect of their brilliant Regera. A technological tour de force, this landmark model—as so ably demonstrated by this stunning, low-mileage example—was an instant entrée to the annals of hypercar history and one whose appreciation and reverence will only continue to grow in years to come.