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Monterey 2022

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 Sc Coupe

Offered from Masterworks of Design


$439,500 USD | Sold

United States | Monterey, California



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US Title
  • One of only 98 300 Sc Coupes built
  • An exclusive hand-built automobile from an era of increasing mass-production
  • The fastest early post-war Mercedes-Benz, boasting factory mechanical fuel-injection
  • High-quality restoration by Charles Brahms
  • Accompanied by a copy of its Mercedes-Benz data card

The Mercedes-Benz 300 is a highly significant automobile to the history of the company, as it represented the company’s robust return to production following World War II. While the firm was forced to focus on smaller automobiles for practical transportation, it also revived its racing program—which offered both publicity and engineering benefits—and set its sights on once again becoming known as a manufacturer of luxury automobiles that would be the envy of all other companies worldwide. The 300 was the standard-bearer for that quest, based on a new tubular steel chassis with independent suspension and featuring handsome coachwork that combined the best of Classic Era and modern lines into one striking whole.

Mercedes-Benz recognized that the 300 saloon and four-door Cabriolet D would not be sufficiently powerful and exclusive for their most moneyed customers. Thus, in October 1951, they introduced the 300 S, available by special order in coupe, roadster, and cabriolet body styles, all powered by a street-tuned, triple-carbureted version of the engine from the 300 SL racing car. Each 300 S was carefully hand-crafted by the company’s skilled artisans and enjoyed superb build quality with the very finest materials, including acres of rich solid wood trim and armchair-like seats cushioned by the thickest German leathers.

In September 1955, the 300 S was succeeded by the ultimate touring version of this platform, the 300 Sc, equipped with a new Bosch fuel-injected variant of the 300-series engine. This was the fastest of the 300s and of course the most desirable; it was also the most limited, with only 200 made across all three body styles before production ended in 1958. The coupe accounted for nearly half of this number, 98 cars, which still made it one of the rarest luxury automobiles in the world.

The 300 Sc Coupe offered here is identified on its data card as having been originally sold by the Mercedes-Benz distributors in Los Angeles, and originally finished in Blue (DB 320) over Gray (955) leather with Becker Mexico radio and automatic antenna and sealed-beam headlights. The data card further confirms that the car was delivered with these chassis, engine, and body numbers. The car was restored by renowned marque specialist Charles Brahms of Irvine, California, who was probably the best-known and most respected 300 Sc expert on the West Coast during the 1990s. Completed to his usual high standards, it is an example that has accumulated only 58,559 miles throughout its life.

In its current ownership, the car’s engine compartment and undercarriage have been detailed back to show quality. The interior has been extensively detailed as well, and overall, the car even years later exhibits the outstanding jewelry-like presentation for which Brahms’ work is known. Though an older restoration, the car has been cosmetically well cared-for and only shows minor signs of aging.

With the comfortable enclosed coupe body and its accommodating space for a driver and three passengers, this car can turn heads at the opera gala as easily as it satisfies driving desires on long-distance tours. That was certainly Mercedes-Benz’s idea from the outset: To build a car that was every bit the echo of the great Classics, in a thoroughly modern vein.