Lot 202

Monterey 2019

1967 Ferves Ranger


$196,000 USD | Sold

United States | Monterey, California



Chassis No.
FVS 0387
  • A wonderful Italian oddity
  • One of 50 believed remaining
  • Popular two-wheel-drive example
  • Street legal and registered for road use

The Ferves Ranger was first unveiled at the 1966 Turin Motor Show as an unusual and distinctly Italian take on the compact off-roader. The car was designed by Carlo Ferrari, and its name is derived from the abbreviation of FERrari VEicoli Speciali (Ferrari Special Vehicles). The Ranger made use of a combination of elements from both the successful Fiat 500 and 600, with an 18-horsepower rear-mounted engine sourced from the 500 and the all-independent suspension from the 600D. The open bodywork included a folding windscreen and doors, which are easy to remove, and the utilitarian little car can comfortably seat four passengers.

The Ranger was available in two- and four-wheel-drive versions, allowing for either relaxed around-town driving or to cover terrain that no other microcar could hope to traverse. This was aided by a very low gear ratio. In fact, the Ranger can be driven easily at walking speeds. Ferves would go on to produce approximately 600 Rangers, of which it is believed that fewer than 50 such delightful cars remain.

This example is finished in a lovely shade of yellow and sports a wonderful folding top that snaps into place, should the weather quickly turn foul. It has been under the care of a dedicated owner and presents in very good condition throughout, with the body, interior, and engine bay showing only minor signs of enjoyable use. Featured with a rear-mounted spare, this Ferves Ranger is ready to tackle any task at hand, be it on- or off-road, either of which it will do with total uniqueness.

It would be difficult to find a more charming yet capable little Ranger.