Lot 211

Monterey 2014

2003 Ferrari Enzo


$1,925,000 USD | Sold

United States | Monterey, California



Chassis No.
  • A rare and desirable original color combination
  • Recent service by Ferrari of Beverly Hills
  • Just over 8,000 miles and three owners from new
  • Offered with a complete set of books, tools, and accessories

660 bhp, 5,998 cc DOHC 65-degree V-12 engine with Bosch Motronic engine management and electronic fuel injection, six-speed electro-hydraulic computer-controlled sequential F1 gearbox, limited-slip differential and traction control, front and rear pushrod-actuated double wishbones with horizontal external reservoir coil-spring damper units, and four-wheel ventilated carbon-ceramic disc brakes. Wheelbase: 104 in

At the Paris Auto Show in September 2002, the world waited for the successor to the Ferrari F50 with baited breath. The introduction of a Ferrari supercar was something that happened only every 10 years, and the car that emerged from under that red car cover would certainly set the bar for performance cars for years to come. The company was in excellent shape, as it was just two Formula One Grand Prix away from securing a World Championship and selling more cars than they ever had before. The car they were about to introduce would prove to be the cherry on top of a wonderful year. Instead of continuing with tradition and naming this car F60, Chairman Luca di Montezemolo declared that it had been decided to name the car after the company’s founder, Enzo.

Even to the casual onlooker, it was clear that the Enzo was vastly different from its predecessor. The car was inspired both cosmetically and mechanically from Ferrari’s experiences in Formula One. Engineers spent countless hours sculpting the car’s shape in a wind tunnel to ensure that form followed function and that nothing compromised the car’s available down force. The theme was similar inside, as there was nothing to distract the driver from the task at hand: driving. The interior was filled with carbon fiber, and the only luxury, aside from the leather bucket seats, was a climate-control system. Not even a radio was present, as it would add unnecessary weight and mask the glorious sound of the 12-cylinder engine sitting just inches behind the passenger compartment.

That 660-horsepower engine was mated to another nod to Formula One technology, a six-speed sequential F1-style gearbox that was capable of shifting gears in 150 milliseconds. With shift times that were quite literally lightning-quick, the Enzo could bolt to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 218 mph, which are incredible statistics even by today’s lofty standards. The Brembo-developed, race-bred braking system was more than capable of keeping up with the Enzo’s insane performance, and it could screech to a halt from 80 mph in just 188 feet.

Of course, a car as incredible as this would not be made available to the masses. When new, the Enzo resided in the garages of Ferrari’s best customers, which was not just by coincidence. Each owner had to be chosen and presented with the opportunity to purchase an Enzo from Ferrari itself, making ownership of one more of an honor than a privilege. Just 399 were produced, keeping in tune with Enzo Ferrari’s belief that Ferrari should always produce one car less than what the market demanded. A 400th Enzo was produced and presented to Pope John Paul II after production had formally stopped, who instructed that the car to be auctioned off, with its proceeds benefiting charity.

This Enzo, bearing chassis number 132664, was produced in April 2003 and was finished in a menacing color combination of Nero over a two-tone Nero and Rosso interior. Only a handful of Enzos left the factory in Nero paint, and fewer still left with a two-tone interior. It was delivered new through Lake Forest Sports Cars, of Lake Forest, Illinois, and it was subsequently registered by its first owner in that same state. Service records accompanying the car show that it received its 5,000-mile service at Lake Forest Sports Cars on January 14, 2010, with its original owner.

The car passed through another owner in Illinois before travelling south to its third owner, who was located in California. This individual had the Enzo registered at his residence in Montana, and the car was later transferred to a different residence in Arizona. In March 2014, this Enzo was sent to Ferrari of Beverly Hills, where it underwent a service that totaled to just over $2,400. At that time, it was determined that the clutch only had 4% wear, and it is indeed prepared for many more miles. This Enzo is truly in immaculate condition, and it shows very few signs of wear, with barely a stretchmark on its leather-trimmed bucket seats. The front end is fitted with a clear bra, which is almost a requisite for any supercar, as it keeps the nose free of any stone chips, accumulated from rock chips, and other cosmetic imperfections. Documentation includes service records from Ferrari of Beverly Hills and a CARFAX that certifies its mileage, ownership, and condition. Present with the car are its original manuals, a pair of keys, and a full set of luggage and tools. It is also important to note that this Enzo comes with both its stock exhaust and the highly desirable Tubi exhaust system, which adds a noticeable growl to the exhaust note.

As one of the few cars built in the 21st century to have appreciated in value, the Ferrari Enzo has already proven to be highly desirable to many collectors. Even though the last Enzo left the factory grounds in Maranello over 10 years ago, its performance is still considered world class. This example is surely one of the most desirable available, as it features three owners from new and a very rare and desirable color combination, unlike the majority of Rosso examples on the market. Its mileage is especially attractive, not only to the driving enthusiast who intends to enjoy time behind the wheel but also to the collector in search of a beautifully preserved Enzo.